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Alright, ladies and gents, more specifically @enkyostar, @jakerdoodle, and @allosauroid, we in this.

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bag:

Assuming this is for a bag I currently have and use for class…

1. Small sketchbook of just a bunch of doodles. Nothing really out of the ordinary

2. Tiny sketchbook used as notes for the various cryptids of the realm of one Savannah art school. It’s still being worked on, but it’s a personal project I think will be fun to just have. It’s sortof like a journal and informative book of the friends and scares of this realm. Maybe when I work on it more, I’ll share it with you all~ 

3. A bunch of pencils of various types. Got some prismacolors in there, some mechanical pencils of varying lead sizes, a lot of graphite pencils, it’s a mess. I need a new one, it has a giant hole in the side, but I’ve had this one since around the start of high school. I have sentimental attachment, y’know? It’s been there since I decided to become an artist. I can’t just throw that away.

4. Binders filled with notes. Lots of stuff on art history, game design, and game tech. I also have a bunch of other notes from classes that I get too lazy to put into a separate box that I have of all my old stuff, all organized and safe at home back in Jersey.

5. If I need it, my laptop. I usually don’t bring it around everywhere because I don’t usually need it outside of my dorm, but if there would be a 5th object in there, that would be it. I really don’t carry much…

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bedroom: (the most important place to me)

1. My laptop. I need it to do work, my dude.

2. My tablet. I need it to do work, my dude

3. The various silly little memorabilia in my room. I can’t just name one, they’re all too important to me

4. Video games of all kinds. Like before, I cannot just name one. It’s too much.


Five Things I Want To Do With My Life: (I hate this question…)

1. Well, I want to be a game designer, preferably a texture artist, possibly environment artist. 

2. I guess just be able to do art for a living. It’s a hobby I want to make my lifestyle and it’s something I both enjoy and feel I can consider myself good at.

3. Sortof settle down in a nice, cold suburban area. Nice, quiet, peaceful. Y’know, the quiet life.

4. I can’t name much else. Maybe just have a relaxed life. A wife and kids in the distant future sounds nice, too…

5. I guess try to find a way to be happy consistently, especially nowadays. I can’t think of much else that wouldn’t be said in one of the future questions. I’m also not good with these, honestly.

Five Things That Make Me Happy:


2. Video games as a whole, really. They also make me sad, but that’s because I love them.

3. The closer friends I have here. They’re assholes, but they make me feel wanted. This blog also applies. You’re all so wonderful and I cannot thank you all enough. You make me actually feel like myself, and I really appreciate that.

4. Getting compliments on my work. I’ll shit on it, but hearing someone talk about your work in a positive light is always a wonderful feeling. I remember in one class I made a short animation in After Effects that took me a long-ass time to make. It’s pretty mediocre, but at the time I loved it. Apparently the professor showed it off to his other classes and it made me REALLY giddy. 


If you wanna see it, here it is. Like I said, it’s pretty mediocre, but this was my first time using after effects. I loved this project a lot!

5. All the pets I’ve had in my life. My followers know the ones, those silly little kids of mine~

Five Things On My To-Do List:

1. Git gud at art

2. Have a portfolio design that is both unique while also simple and not gaudy.

3. Play through a lot of video games that I currently have on my backlog.

4. Improve myself personality wise. I’m way too bitter and I feel that I’m unpleasant to be around, so I’m trying to fix the way I say things. Not the best with words…

5. Get back on track emotionally. I’ve been really out of it as of late and really, feeling like myself again is top priority. I just made it 5 because I’m a dumbo who thinks of other things first.

Five Things People May Not Know About Me:

1. Okay, I know some of you are gonna get a kick out of this. I have had a youtube channel for several years now, but on it I have a series of videos that spawned from a joke. It is called The Life of Dr. Frankington. It is 5 episodes and has 1 trailer for Episode 4 because I delayed it for over a year and 3 for Episode 5 because hype. They’re REALLY stupid, but were incredibly fun to make. I put more time and effort into them than I think I did anything else before college. 


Legit, this is my magnum opus. It’s so dumb and possibly cringey, but I love the fact that it exists. The first 4 episodes were made in movie maker and 5 and 2 of the trailers were made in Sony Vegas. It also has my face and I know you kids go nuts about that for some reason.

2. I used to be a part of an FRC robotics group in high school. What a wild time that was…so many stories I could tell about that one group alone. Years of nonsense and bullshit. I’m glad I did it, though. Met some great people and have some funny stories~

3. It sounds mundane, but I can do a front flip. I remember doing it while one of my friends was attacking other friends with a blanket on his head and then jumping onto cardboard. I took the blanket, screamed “I AM THE NEGA CULTIST”, ran off, did a front flip, and landed on my knees to lay down while the blanket was still partially floating. I peered out, and my friends were screaming in both amazement and fear. They legitimately thought their friend, good ol’ Solaire, just went to a new realm. They also learned how strong my legs are. Seriously, I have REALLY strong legs!

4. As mentioned before, I have REALLY strong legs. Not sure why, but I’ve had people question if I’m a frog or something. My younger brother, who’s a gym rat who works out 75% of the day, every day of the week, constantly brings up how huge my legs are. It’s an anomaly that my entire family debates over, actually. Pretty funny.

5. I know it was mentioned before, but I have a small sketchbook of things I see around where I live, which include things I’m told about or things I have seen in person. The little baby doll you may have seen in some of my snaps? That is Yubble: a demon who is the product of my roommate. He is a part of this small sketchbook. You see it in my snapchat? It’s likely in it or going to be in it.

This really took my mind off of a lot of bad things, so really, thanks @aigislovesrobots . You’re a top tier friend. It helped out a lot.