jakeem williams

Jakeem Thunder   //  DC Comics

Jakeem Johnny Williams was an orphan who grew up in Keystone City and ended up coming into possession of the genie, Thunderbolt.  Thunderbolt had previously bonded with Johnny Thunder, the Justice Society of America hero from DC’s Golden Age.  The genie had become trapped in a ballpoint pen that was given to Jakeem by Jay Garick (the Golden Age Flash). 

When the world came under threat of another genie from Thunderbolt’s home dimension, Jakeem was able to release Thunderbolt by clicking the pen and uttering the magic phrase, “So Cûl” (pronounced ‘so cool’). Under Jakeem’s guidance, Thunderbolt was able to defeat the evil genie and save the world.

Jakemm later became a junior member of the new Justice Society of America and had many adventures with the JSA.  Jakeem has not been seen since the new 52 reboot of DC Comic’s continuity, but it is likely only a matter of time before he makes his highly-anticipated return. 

Jakeem Thunder was created by writers, Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, and artist, Paul Ryan.  Above fan-art by me.

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THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY because Courtney has just grown so much in such a short time of being a hero and she just knows so much to respect legacies and she loves Michael a lot and she’s just so mad that someone would disrespect him or the JSA and AHHHH COURTNEY

but then I’m like Courtney don’t brutalize the 12 year old