Anonimo said to chibigaia-art: What if in a non sburb au Jake and roxy like to go to the shooting range together and one day they drag everyone else along but Jake and rox look hella cool and everyone is just sitting on the sidelines drooling. Idk this is stupid ignore me

this isnt stupid this is the most awesome thing ever

ever since that florist/tattoo artist au post starting going around tumblr i knew that i had to convert dirkjake into it hehe. i guess most people would go for a florist jake and tattoo artist dirk but i really liked the idea of a reverse situation!

jake probably thinks he looks cool but even with tattoos and piercings he’s nothing else but a dorky sunflower child. dirk on the other has this air of an withdrawn and wistful person and after seeing him reading books almost whenever he’s not dealing with customers jake gets curious about this mysterious fella next door. they end up as pretty much best friends. sitting on the stairs of one of the shops, drinking coffee and chatting during lunch breaks and whenever work is going slow. jake shows dirk his tattoo designs while dirk is like a walking encyclopedia of flora and he tells jake all the interesting facts about plants in his store which just fascinate him so much every time. unconsciously, jake gets so captured into their friendship that he ends up including more and more flowers into his designs which of course doesn’t go unnoticed by dirk who has developed a crush on the unsuspecting boy in the meantime. he doesn’t say anything about it tho. 

one day dirk says how he wants to get a tattoo and wants jake to do it and jake is just so flustered that he got this huge responsibility of doing his best friends first tattoo. he promises over and over how he’ll give his best and then dirk just… shows him what he wants to get. it’s a picture of hella jeff.

also the birds name is Lil Plato and he’s dirk’s pet