Unless.. I’m just being stupid..

dude look

i know im not active much or actually talk to you all that often

but im just going through distracting shit right now

that and im not good at talking in general

but it like


to feel you doubt me

you feel me

i do love you and wont stop loving you


TG: as you can tell
TG: ive got it kind of bad for the guy can you blame me?? look at that fuckin smile
TG: shit should be *illegal* in like fifty-some different countries its not even /fair/ its flat out cheatin at life you feel me
TG: i mean hell
TG: ive got it bad for all three of these idiots if im bein honest with myself here
TG: so i guess im kinda biased yeah?


id like to think that when jars of dead crows start taking up way too much space that dave takes some of them and extract the skulls and give them to jake and and and heee collects them in some kind of contain e r and he think its pretty cute and alll aaa aaa a

then then sometimes jake makes them necklaces,after polishing them like he always does ofc,and wears them in pride espe cia lly in public and when daves with him hes embarrassed and and itss just hhhhhh hh h hh