baby i | Stella + Jake

Stella sighed and clicked the ‘OFF’ button on her brand new LCD plasma. Well, technically, it wasn’t hers. She shared it with her roommates, but still, she was far from complaining. The young brunette folded the blanket that was draped across her body and she grabbed her phone, texting Jake back. She smiled at his invitation out, and she accepted. She had now officially been in Hollywood for two days and have barely stepped out of Melrose. Stella walked up to her room to pick out an outfit and decided on a crop top and a high-low skirt. The weather was fair, but she figured she may not get home 'till late so she wanted to be comfortable. She walked into the bathroom to do her hair and makeup, and to lightly freshen up. Smiling and content with her appearance, she spritzed on a layer of eau de parfum ( perfume), inhaling her own aroma. Stella nervously bit her lip, and slipped on her pair of wedges, and grabbed her wallet and phone. She looked around the kitchen, and the house was quiet and empty so she waited on the kitchen island for Jake’s familiar voice.

you might have to use the freeform select for a lot of these, but anyways here’s all the sprites (its transparent). Out of these i made: dead eridan, gamzee1, godtier gamzee, dead gamzee, equius, vriska, terezi, dolorosa, aradia1, handmaid, karkat 2, john 2-4, rose 3-6, jadebot, dreamer!jane, roxy 2-4, jake1, dirk, and all the sprites after him expect for the ashes. The others do not belong to me :)

A friend in need || Jake & Imogen

Imogen quickly threw her hair up in a loose bun on the top of her head and grabbed her coat as she left to go to Jakes house. She walked fast because it was cold out and Jake didnt exactly live next door, so it was going to take her awhile to get there. She thought about Jake and how much little she really knew about him. Sure, they were in the same grade and had talked in Spanish class a few times, but she didnt really know him. But she knew he’d been bummed out ever since the party a few nights ago. During truth and dare, Jake and Imogen had kissed, both of them also just so happened to be in relationships and neither of their girlfriends were there. Although it had meant nothing, and they were both totally wasted, it had caused a lot of problems. Apparently, Jake had butt-dialed Katie at the party that night, so she showed up right when they were kissing. And out of anger, Katie had gone and slept with Owen that night being sober, which caused the couple to break up.

Once she finally arrived to Jakes house, she knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. She wasnt sure what they would do to keep entertained, but she knew he needed a friend right now, and Imogen Moreno could find fun in everything she does.