Monday Mixtape.

Theo Parrish - Lost Angel

Flying Lotus - Another Night On The Roof

Dudley Perkins - Falling

Dynas - The Apartment

Madlib - Sunrays

Yancey Boys - The Fisherman

Lootpack - Loopdigga

A Tribe Called Quest - Once Again

Jake One ft. MF Doom - Get Er Done

The Cenobites - Lex Lugor 

Raekwon ft. Methodman - Exclusive

Ol’ Dirty Bastard - Snakes

Rakim - Livin’ For The City

MF Doom - Is He ill?

KRS One - Never Forget

Westcoast and Eastcoast has always had dope Hip Hop artists. And I always felt that the NorthWest has been slept on. Living in Washington, I’ve heard of many artist all around the state. I put a few Seattle based artist/groups/duos/producers together to share the music. Some are better than others, but they’re all good in their way. I may be missing a few.. but these are all artists that I’ve been listening to for over a couple months, to a couple years. 

I tried to put them in alphabetical order. Bolded are the ones I listen to the most, Italic are producers and the rest are other artist, you may have heard from RhymeSayers or may have never heard of.. either way.. ENJOY:

Abyssinian Creole
Blue Scholars
Boom Bap Project
Common Market
Dyme Def
Fresh Espresso
Gabriel Teodros
Jake One
Shabazz Palaces (Ish from DIGABLE PLANETS is in this duo)
Silent Lambs Project
The Saturday Knights
The Physics
Vitamin D

MF DOOM - Hoe Cakes (Jake One Remix)

Jake One has had many successful colaberations.  My favrorite song he’s ever done though is this remix.  The orignal was already really great, but Jake One turned it into something truly amazing.  I’ve played this at a lot of the parties I’ve hosted.  If all of your friends are MF DOOM fans it’s an extremely effective song to set the mood.  The original version of Hoe Cakes is off of MF DOOM’s outstanding album MM.. Food, and this remix is off of the corresponding remix album MM.. Leftovers.


My Song Rating: 9.9 out of 10

She Makes Me Feel Alright
  • She Makes Me Feel Alright
  • Freeway & Jake One
  • The Stimulus Package

Freeway & Jake One - “She Makes Me Feel Alright”

On the strength of Freeway’s two tracks on Jake Uno’s most excellent White Van Music and Free’s series of bombs on bloggers in 2009 comes the official dough infusion hip-hop seemingly always needs, The Stimulus Package.

I happened across Pitchfork this week and saw that they gave this album 6.5, which means two things, really:

1) They still don’t get hip-hop. 2) Correctly adjusted, this is album actually gets at least an 8.5.

This isn’t about P4k though. This is about a great emcee and a great producer hooking up for the real deal. Freeway’s always engaging flow does wonders on top of Jake One’s soul-crushing grooves. And it shines in part because of that “group”-style consistency that’s so often missing from modern day hip-hop albums.

Also: yes, the album really does have the coolest packaging ever. — gregb

bludream401  asked:

Dog...you need to hop off that macklemore tip. He sucks

Haha, I don’t understand people like you. I’ve been a fan of his since 2009, and he’s been a legend in Seattle for years, which has an incredible hip-hop scene. Grieves, Jake One, Dyme Def, Blue Scholars, Grynch, Sol, and Nacho Picasso just to name a few, and he’s been more famous than them for longer than just this year. Just because his album The Heist is his best album and a truly amazing piece of work doesn’t mean he’s all hype. He’s been in the game for over a decade. He’s more than earned his current success.

Song Of The Day: New Music Monday (3/3/14)

Song: Boathouse ft. Sol

Artist: Dave B

Album: N/A

Not gonna lie, I haven’t been this excited over a new track in a while. Dave B teams up with Sol & producer Jake One on this killer track. We’re hoping this means that a new album is coming sometime soon. Until that happens you can check out the track here.