this is so awesome and he’s just asdfghjkl;! wish i could play violin!

lets reflect on Jake Maliks greatest hits

my FAVORITE one was the one where he built a wall of mac n cheese while his mom was scolding him and he said she didnt notice

Cockyboys Connection - Addendum

First, a warning: as in the first post, the websites mentioned here are not safe for work; these images have been cropped to be on the safe side.

Ok, we’ve seen these tattoo comparisons - Asher Hawk and Louis Tomlinson (collar)

Jake Bass and Zayn Malik (hand)

and Kennedy Carter and Harry Styles (birds)

I had thought that was the end of our One Direction / gay porn tattoo comparison fun. But why should Liam be left out?

Here is Landon Moore.

He’s Dutch; he has not worked for Cockyboys as far as I am aware; he has worked with a number of companies including with men.com and menatplay.com.

Here’s his tattoo

Yes, that’s Logan, not Liam.

Here’s another one cropped from menatplay

another one just for good measure

 So now we’ll add


That means it’s your turn, Niall.

my jake malik impression

So I was eating soup the other day

and i was like wait this doesn’t taste like soup

and it was just red food coloring the whole time

About Me (this will be updated as the story continues)

Name: Jake Salih Malik

Birth date: 06/01/1997

Nickname: Jakey

Hometown: Manchester, UK

Favorite color: red

Favorite drink: beer

Favorite food: pizza, McDonald’s, dick

Favorite town: New York

Favorite movie: do porn movies count

Favorite TV ShowKeeping Up with the Kardashians, Orange Is The New Black

Favorite actor/actress: Neil Patrick Harris

Favorite singer: Beyonce, Iggy Azalea

Favorite band: Arctic Monkeys

Favorite book: lol I don’t fucking read

Favorite song ATM: Partition - Beyonce 

Favorite sport: football, sex haha

Best friend: Delilah, Sophia

Crush: my history teacher

Someone I can’t stand: homophobic people

My worst fear: starving

My biggest dream: to become a football player

What I want to be when I grow up: a football player