Is it Fate? Valley Girl and Rockstar

Chapter 7:

Loren sat the pans down and turned around and found Eddies hands on her waist.

Eddie: mmhmm breakfast looks yummy..

Loren: Yes it does. Care to explain why your hands are on my waist?

Eddie: Yeah. So you dont get away so i can do this….

Eddie pulled Loren close to him and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. His hold on Lorens waist tightend for a minute. He lifted Loren up and sat her on the counter and continued kissing her until she pushed him away.

Loren: Eddie, you cant just kiss me like that and expect me to say yes to go out with you.

Eddie: I didnt do it because of that. Hun trust me.

Loren: i do trust you. Ian get in here foods done!!!

Ian came in and the three sat down and ate breakfast. Afterwards Loren cleaned up the kitchen. She then walked to the guest room and got dressed in her clothes from yesterday and brought the sweats to Eddie. She made sure she had her stuff. She then said goodbye to Ian and Eddie and went down to her car and drove home. After Loren left Eddie and Ian were talking.

Ian: So what went on in the kitchen?

Eddie: I kissed her.

Ian: And?

Eddie: And nothing i kissed her.

Ian: Alright. I’ll just ask her.

Eddie: Shes gonna tell you the same thing.

Ian: True. Expecially since we both have a crush on her and are falling head over heels for her.

Eddie: True but i did first.

Ian: I think she has feelings for you.

Eddie: She said she liked me and all but shes just not sure if this is what she wants.

Ian: I’d understand that.

For the majority of the day the guys played video games and watched a basketball game. Mean while when Loren got home she called Mel and Melissa being Melissa she hurried over wanting to hear what happed with Eddie and Ian. Loren was waiting in her room for Mel. When Mel got to Lorens she ran inside and into Lorens room.

Mel: Start talking!!!! Details!!!

Loren: Okay so after i got done talking to you i dished the plates and when i was putting the pans back on the stove to cool off and i felt someones hands on my waist. And i didnt know who to expect because they both have a crush on me…

Mel: Who was it!!!!!!!!

Loren: I turned around to find….

Mel: Who!!!!!!!

Loren: Eddie…And i asked him why he had his hands on my waist so he said so i can do this.

Mel: What did the rockstar do?!!!

Loren: He kissed me. And might i add he is an amazing kisser. And i wrapped my arms around his neck and he sat me on the counter but i pushed him away.

Mel: Lo, give the guy a break.

Loren: I told him he cant just kiss me like that and expect me to say yes on going out with him. He didnt say anything so i had Ian come in. So we all ate. I cleaned up afterwards, then changed and came back here.

Mel: Nice you got to meet a rockstar, cook for a rockstar, wear his clothes and kiss him. Lore you lucky little ducky.

Loren: i had a good time last night. I had to chose between Ian and Eddie whos arm i would walk into the club on.

Mel: You chose Eddie right?

Loren: I knew they would fight so one was on one side and the other on the other side.

Mel: So your telling me you had a rockstar on one side and his cute best friend on the other?

Loren: Yes and i also saw Max who told me if i had trouble with those two to come and find him.

Mel: So whats Ian do for a living?

Loren: Um. I dont know it never came up. So hows things with Adam?

Mel: Okay… Me and Adam are good.

Loren: Thats good, but i have a shift at the cafe so i gotta get ready. See ya later Mel!!

Mel: Bye Lo.

With that Melissa left. Loren hopped in the shower before work. She threw her hair up in a messy bun, and did her make up well the little of it she wears anyway. She then got dressed. She wore skinny jeans, black flats, and a cute blue shirt. She grabbed her things and headed out the door to the cafe. When she was walking in she got a call from Eddie. She answered.

Loren: hey Eddie whats up?

Eddie: I need some help on a song are you busy?

Loren: Ya i actually am. Im walking into work right now.

Eddie: Work? What do you mean work?

Loren: Oh the cafe, im getting some extra money right now and i gotta go talk to you later! bye.

Eddie: Okay? Bye.

Loren stuck her phone in her back pocket and tied her apron around her waist and began her shift. The shift was long. Towards the end of her shift Cameron walked in. He sat down.

Loren: Hey Cam. What can i get you?

Cam: Just coffee thanks Lo.

Loren: One coffee coming right up.

Loren walked behind the counter and got Cam his coffee and brought it to him.

Loren: Finally my shift is over.

Cam: Long day?

Loren: More like long two days and somewhat confusing.

Cam: Wanna talk about it?

Loren: No im good. I already talked to Mel. She helped sort my stuff out. Now if you’ll excuse me im gonna make a shake and head out. Bye Cam.

Cam: Bye Lo.

Loren walked off and made herself a chocolate shake. She clocked out and left. Loren drove up to her secert spot to find Eddie. She walks up by him and sits down.

Loren: Hey Rockstar.

Eddie: Lo what are you doing here?

Loren: Just finished a dreadful day at the cafe. But a delicious shake came out of it.

Eddie: Ahh i see. So what are you doing up here today? Thinking or hiding?

Loren: Thinking. What about you?

Eddie: Both actually. Im hiding from Ian at the moment. He wont leave what happend between us in the kitchen alone. And i came up here to think about my music and you.

Loren; Ahha i see. Why are you thinking of me?

Eddie: Your a pretty hard topic to keep away from me hun.

Loren: I know. I’ve been thinking about what to give to you as an answer and i talked to Mel about it and i came up with my answer.

Eddie looked over at Loren who was taking a sip of her shake and smiled. He then looked back out into the sky.

Eddie: Alright so what do you say? Go out with me. And i will try my absolute hardest not to let Ian hit on you.

Loren: Well you both hit on me and have been for the past two days. I’ve gotten somewhat used to it considering i’ve been with you two all the time i’ve known you.

Eddie: True. So hun, what do you say? Go out with me?

Is it Fate? Valley Girl and Rockstar

Chapter 4:

Loren had just gotten a text from Cameron. He needed help with math. She texted him saying she was at a meeting of a sort and would call when she was done.

Eddie: Who was that?

Loren: Oh my friend Cam. He needs help on his homework and i told him id call when we were done here.

Jake: Alright so guys come on it take a seat.

The four then walked in to Jakes office and sat down. Jake at his desk, Eddie at the chair infront of the desk, Ian at a chair near Eddie, and Loren across from Ian.

Jake: So Eddie. What did you want this meeting for?

Eddie: You have got to hear Loren sing. Jake she has a strong voice and its beautiful.

Jake: Come down to the room and we’ll give it a listen. Piano or guitar Loren?

Loren: It doesnt matter. I can play it on both.

Jake: I like her. Eddie Ian good luck winning her over.

Ian: i will have a better chance then Eddie. Loren already turned him down infront of Papa Max.

Jake: Ouch!! Ian i gotta say go for it, just dont piss Eddie off parading around with her.

Loren: Im right here. And i will not be dating Ian. And i will not be dating Eddie.

Eddie: Lets go hear you play your song.

Loren, Jake, Eddie, and Ian go to the room Jake directed them to. Eddie handed Loren a guitar and took a seat by Ian and Jake. Third time today Eddie getting to hear her angelic voice. She reminds Eddie of the stage fright but she goes along playing her song. She starts strumming the guitar and singing mars.

They tell me it’s nice this time of year, Down on earth.

But my heads been in the clouds I’m acting weird.

And lost for words.

Falling like the stars I’m,

Falling fast and hard for something I can’t reach.

I could be here but you wouldn’t see me,

Hover in the air like I’m just a daydream,

Oh.Why does it feel so far?

Close enough to touch but your looking through me,

In the same room, a smile away feels,

Miles from where you are,

Might as well be Mars.

Never been bound by gravity But I am now.

You have made a human out of me,

And brought me down.

Falling like the stars I’m Falling fast and hard for something I can’t reach.

I could be here but you wouldn’t see me,

Hover in the air like I’m just a daydream,


Why does it feel so far?

Close enough to touch but your looking through me,

In the same room, a smile away feels,

Miles from where you are,

Might as well be Mars I could be here but you wouldn’t see me,

Hover in the air like I’m just a daydream,

Oh.Why does it feel so far?

Close enough to touch but your looking through me,

In the same room, a smile away feels,

Miles from where you are.

Might as well be Mars.

Might as well be Mars.

Might as well be Mars.

Loren sat the guitar back on its stand and waited to hear what Jake and Ian thought. Ian was first to speak then Jake.

Ian: Love!! That was amazing!!! Help Eddie write his album.

Jake: Loren the song was lovely!!! Eddie you found some good talent!! Loren would you like to be signed her at Jake Madsen management? I myself will represent you as well as Eddie.

Loren: Id love to! So i have a manager now.

Eddie: Told you Loren. So what are you going to do about Brown?

Loren: I’ll take a year off and see where this leads me i guess.

Eddie: Then will you give us a try?

Ian: Hey thats not fair!!! Two shots in one day!!!! My turn!

Eddie: Back off im talking.

Loren: Give me time to think.

Eddie: I can do that.

Jake: Ok Loren come in my office and sign to my company. Im gonna need your number and you’ll need mine so switch phones.

Loren and Jake switch phones and add the numbers they’ll need for Loren now being signed with Jake. Ian and Loren switch phones as well and add each others numbers too. Eddie didnt like Loren and Ians phone number swap but he could live with it.

Loren: Alright so lets get the papers out of the way because i have a friend i have to go help.

Jake: Follow me.

They all head back into Jakes office. Loren fills out a couple papers and then calls Cameron.

Cam: Hey Lo! I need help on this math assignment, can you come to the cafe?

Loren: Sure, i have to run home real quick then i’ll be there. Bye.

She then went over to Eddie to ask him to give her a ride back to her house.

Loren: hey Eddie?

Eddie: Yes hun?

Loren: Im not gonna get used to that but can you give me a ride to my house? i have to go tutor Cameron.

Eddie: Sure come on, but only if you come over to my place tonight and hang out with Ian and I.

Loren: Deal just give me your address and i’ll come by later. I’ll call you when im on my way.

Eddie wrote down his address for Loren and told her he’d leave her name with the doorman.

Eddie: Lets go Miss. Tate.

Eddie, Ian and Loren then head out to go to Lorens house so she can get her stuff and go tutor Cam. The guys leave and Loren goes inside.

Nora: Hey sweetie! How did the meeting thing go?

Loren: Eddies manager Jake signed me!!!! And i have nicknames from both Eddie and his friend Ian. And im hanging out with them tonight, but right now i really have to change and go tutor Cameron.

Nora: Loren!!! Thats great!!! Dont forget to tell Melissa!!! And go change to go tutor and have fun on your ‘date’ of some sort with Eddie and Ian.

Loren: I know this is amazing Mom!!!!

Loren then ran into her room to change. She put on some skinny jeans, a cute longsleeve shirt and some boots. She grabbed her bookbag and purse and headed out the door. Loren put everything in the passenger seat and drove to the cafe to help Cameron. Loren pulled up and got everythign and spotted Cam so she sat down with him. She ordered a tea then helped Cam with math. She soon finished helping Cam and gathered her things and headed out the door. When she got to her car she got a phone call from……

Is it Fate? Valley Girl and Rockstar

Chapter 3:

Loren was still on the phone and shocked by what Eddie just said.

Loren: Thats what you want.

Eddie: Why wont you just say if you like me or not!!!?

Loren: Im not getting attached to a relationship of some kind. Im leaving in the fall and it might be hard to say goodbye!!!

Eddie: Loren, just give us a chance.


Eddie: Come on Loren. Why not give us a chance?

Loren: Eddie, i do you like you, but im leaving in the fall so it doesnt make scence for me to have a summer romance.

Eddie: Who knows you might even have a career in the music buisness.

Loren: What do you mean?

Eddie: I recorded you singing at my dads today, and im stopping by Jakes office later to show him. I want you to come with me.

Loren: What happens if i do? You expect me to give up my dream school? Even though having a career in the music buisness is another dream?

Eddie: Loren please. Just come see what Jake has to say.

Loren: I’ll come with to the meeting or whatever. But dont expect me to give up school.

Eddie: I wont. Give me your address and i’ll come pick you up.

Loren: Um sure. 6530 Cresent over in Tarzana.

Eddie: See you soon bye Miss. Tate.

Loren: Bye.

Eddie tells Ian hes going to pick up Loren and head over to Jakes office. Ian of course said he wanted to come.

Eddie: Ian im heading out.

Ian: To go pick up Loren?

Eddie: Yes as a matter of fact i am. Then we’re heading over to Jakes office for him to listen to her sing. I recorded her a pops house but i could probably get her to sing live.

Ian: Can i come? I wanna see this oh so beautiful girl!!!

Eddie: Come on.

Eddie and Ian then headed out the door to go get Loren and head over to the office. Eddie pulled up at Lorens house then Eddie and Ian both got out and walked up to the door. Loren was just coming out of her room with her purse and Nora saw her.

Nora: Sweetie where are you going?

Loren: With Eddie to his managers office. He wants to show him my song and have me sing for him.

Nora: Baby! Thats incrediable!!!!

Then there was a knock on the door.

Loren: That must be Eddie. Bye mom Love you!

Nora: Love you too Lo!

Nora walked down the hall to her room and Loren answered the door to find Eddie and another younger man around Eddies age with him.

Eddie: Hey Loren! This is my best friend Ian! He had to come along to see you aparently.

Loren: Hey Eddie. Nice to meet you. And i should warn you. Be careful you might end up under a spell aparently like Eddie and Max.

Ian: I dont mind as long as its a beautiful girl.

Loren: Are all you boys this charming?

Eddie: My dad, Ian, and I are very rare. As are you Miss. Tate expecially to trap all three of us under a spell, well besides my mom. She was the only other one that could do that.

Loren: Glad i remind you of her. She really was amazing. I wish i would have met her. So shall we get going?

Ian: We shall.

With that the three walked out to Eddies car and Eddie made Ian sit in the back. About 20 minutes later they pulled up at Jakes office and went in.

Jake: Eddie what a suprise!!! Ian!!! How are you? And who is this young lady and who is she with out of you two?

Loren: Im Loren, and im with neither of them. Even though one apparently has a crush on me.

Ian: Make it two love!

Jake: Both of these two fancying over you, have you meet papa Max yet?

Loren: But of course i have. I cooked him and Eddie lunch while Ian was off i dont know because i didnt know him until about half an hour ago.

Eddie: Cant blame us for liking you hun.

Loren: So now im hun? Is that what your calling me? And Ian? Are you calling me Love?

Eddie: Of course.

Ian: Of course Love.

Jake: Loren, just watch out. Its not good when they fight over a girl.

Loren: Well neither of them will win me over. Even though one has tried.

Just then Lorens phone buzzed with a text. She pulled it out of her pocket to find a text from….