Aaron and Jake || Final Apologies.

Aaron was a little late to the dance, he wasn’t great with formal events so he had been trying to find the perfect suit that didn’t make him look like an idiot. He walked into the dance, scanning the area for people he knew. The music was loud and everyone was dancing. He wasn’t sure whether Hanna was here yet or not, he was a little late so he guessed she was probably here. He looked to the left of him and his eyes landed on Jake, who looked like he was coming over to speak to him, why he had no idea.

Aaron and Jake || Baby Come Back To Me.

Aaron headed out of his cabin, breathing in the cool air as he searched his surroundings. There was no one around, which always confused him, since there was nothing to do in Lake Grimstone other than chill with friends. He headed down the path and into the woods, taking in his surroundings. He loved just walking through the woods, it calmed him and eased his thoughts, which was something he kind of needed.

Aaron caught sight of someone moving in the distance. Jake. He bit his lip, he wasn’t sure what was up between them any more, not after their heart to heart at the Valentine’s dance. The distance between them closed and he was nearly close enough to speak, but the only problem was he didn’t know what to say. The last time he had spoken to Jake he had been so honest, exposing to Jake that he was still the same guy but just putting on a stupid act. He wasn’t usually like that with people, other than a select few and he hadn’t been like that with Jake for about 3 years.

Eliza & Jake l za beach.

Eliza glanced over to the window, smiling as the vibrant sun pierced through the blinds. She put on a bikini and denim shorts followed my a loose shirt. She stuffed some clean clothes in a bag, along with some sun block and a magazine. She slipped her feet through her flip flops and let down her hair before making her way out of the door. She walked down the corridor, exiting the girls dorms and made a turn at the gardens. She stood outside the large gate that lead to the beach, taking a good look around before walking in. The beach was particually packed today, considering the beautiful weather. She walked down and dodged past a few students before noticing Jake. “Hey.” She said, a smile playing on her lips. She removed her shirt and sat on the sand, stretching her legs out.

Jake and Aaron || ------

Aaron opened the can closest to him, not bothering to check what it was but taking a few gulps of the alcoholic beverage anyway. A few moments later a familiar face entered the tent. “Jakey, what took you so long?” He asked with a smile. He grabbed a can and tossed it the the brunette boy as he ventured further into the tent. “I told you I’ve gathered quite a lot.” He laughed, gesturing at the alcohol in the corner of his tent.

Aaron and Jake || Practice Makes Perfect, and We're Definitely Perfect.

Aaron headed to the clearing where he used to practice when he first came to Lake Grimstone, it was the same place he would go every time he felt he needed to practice. It was where he had taken Callie to absorb his power and test it out and it was now where he was meeting Jake to practice for the competition. After that talk with Jake in the woods they were on okay terms again, maybe even friends. Aaron wasn’t sure but he did want his best friend back, he knew that much. Jake and Aaron used to be really close, no one could come between them and no one did, no one but himself. He had been the one that pushed Jake away and it was his fault that they hadn’t been on good terms for years. But now, he felt as if maybe them patching things up would bring back the friendship they’d had in the past.

Aaron pushed past the trees and bushes into the fairly large clearing in which him and Jake would practice in a just little while. He scanned the area and there was no sign of Jake yet. He figured Jake would be here soon so he lent against a nearby tree as he waited. Moments later he heard the snap of a branch, his head turned and his gaze was on the well built guy approaching him. “Hey man.” He greeted him in a friendly tone, since he figured they were on friendly terms now, unless Jake thought any different.