Trailer for Front Cover starring Jake Choi, James Chen, Elizabeth Sung, Li Jun Li, Ming Lee, Rachel Lu, Wayne Chung, and Kristen Hung.

The film will be opening in the following cities:

  • 08/05/16 City Cinema’s Village East Cinema New York, NY
  • 08/12/16 Sundance Sunset 5 West Hollywood, CA
  • 08/19/16 Lee Neighborhood’s Four Star Theatre San Francisco, CA

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Jake Choi being interviewed by Hank Chen. He is the sexy asian guy from the Superbowl Commercial and his photo started flooding on Tumblr since,

Introducing Jake Choi

A born and raised Queens boy, Jake Choi is the hottest name on everyone’s lips these days. You may have seen him in the Superbowl Best Buy commercial alongside Amy Poehler, College Humor originals, or the new show Golden Boy on CBS. Jake took the time to answer some questions for Fascinasians:

1. How would you sum up your background and childhood in less than ten words?

 I was very confused of my identity and insecure.

2. Have you always wanted to be an actor? How did your family feel about that when you told them?

No I actually wanted to be a professional basketball player. But when I stopped pursuing basketball, I didn’t know what to do. My friend actually suggested that I give acting a shot based on my personality. My family wasn’t too against it or for it. They just wanted me to be happy. 

3. What ethnicity are you? Do you think this has held you back or helped you in any way?

I’m Korean. I don’t think it has held me back or helped me. I guess it really comes down to how you play the hand your dealt.

4. Have you ever been offered a demeaning or racist role? How did you handle that?

Yes a few times. I had to politely turn them down. 

5. What are you most proud of?

Hmm…. maybe landing the Best Buy commercial since the role really was open to any ethnicity. 

6. Do you identify as more Korean-American, Asian-American, or just American? What’s shaped your sense of identity?

I identify myself as just a human being. But if I had to choose, I’d say Asian American. There’s a rich Asian history and culture here in America and I’m very proud to be a part of it. But we’re all really one and the same. It’s not about what color you are, what nationality, or religion. As long as you are comfortable with yourself, that’s all that matters. 

7. What are the five most recently played songs on your iTunes?

Lauryn Hill - Ex-factor, 2NE1 - I love you, John Legend - Coming Home, The Weeknd - Enemy, Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop Saved My Life

8. What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment?

I think my biggest accomplishment is not quitting what I love doing even when I had hit rock bottom. 

9. What changes do you hope to make in the community?

I would just like to help mold the image of how Asian Americans are viewed and cast in the entertainment industry and media. The stereotypes have been slowly disappearing but you still see it a lot on TV and film. Which is why I refuse to audition for any demeaning or stereotypical roles. 

10. And last but not least, the question that’s on everyone’s mind: are you single?

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