☾ ° ¸. * — under the cut, you will find ### small & medium gifs of jake abel, known for playing adam milligan in spn & luke castellan in pjo. none of these gifs were made by me, and credit goes to the rightful owners– who are more than welcome to message me and ask me to take their gifs out, if they wish! please like or reblog if you found this helpful!

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Under the cut, you will find ###, small/medium, HQ gifs of Jake Abel (Requested by  rosebethanycitteridge. Requested by anonymous. None of these gifs were made by me. A huge thank you goes to the awesome makers. All the credits go to them and I don’t claim any of their work as my own. A like or a reblog would make me very happy because it took me hours to finish this hunt.

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Jake Abel as Gene Aldrich in Against the Sun