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I go online. I look to see what people are saying about us. Sure. We all do. Everyone of us. Except maybe, I don’t know… Thor. And maybe Wolverine. Mmm, I bet Wolverine does, too. Anyone who says they don’t is a liar. And my favorite topic of discussion, the one that I find the most amusing… in when people spout out about “Who is worthy to be an Avenger? What does it take? Who are the real Avengers?” And all I can gather from the Internet is that nobody is. Except maybe Captain America. And even then you’ll find a pocket of people who believe that Captain America is nothing but a propaganda tool put together by the military-industrial complex. That’s right. There are people who believe Captain America died during World War II. And no matter what evidence there is to the contrary… they don’t believe that Steve Rogers is actually Steve Rogers and that Steve Rogers is really Captain America. And there are a whole bunch of people who believe that the name of the Avengers was sullied the minute the original team stepped aside to make room for new members.

Text from New Avengers Vol. 2 #16

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Jake Abel as Gene Aldrich in Against the Sun