So this just happen!! I dont know if it was a mistake or a glitch or what?!

But JAKE freaking BLEY ( @jakebley ) followed me on twitter! Im not sure if its true or not cause my twitter sucks and it didnt came up in my notification!

So if you accidently clicked on the follow button. I would still forgive you and still love you cause having you following me even for a second totally counts!

Love from @pedayang twitter account. xoxo



I find him 100X more attractive now he is openly gay. Just positive vibes from me.

Things will get better.

PS: I think you and @jakebley would make a good couple, just saying. *winks*


I love watching coming out videos, wedding videos, and gay vloggers in general.  I really enjoyed listening to his story and watching how emotional he got talking about his parents. I think everyones coming out story is a bit different and I’ll dedicate a post about my own soon. It’s interesting to see how others went through it, where they came from and where they are now. 

This is Jake Bley BTW. youtube.com/thediaryofjake


Straight Girl’s Guide to Gay Guys

Watch it. Just do it.