The Anniversary

I wrote this brief fic to celebrate a year since HalloVeen aired - hope you like it!

You’ve lost the ability to surprise me – you’re just plain boring”

“You might want to read the inscription on that there belt”      

“Why, what does it say?”

Looking back, Amy can’t quite believe how far they’ve come – and at the same time, it’s not really a surprise at all.

Surrounded by the warm glow of an only slightly worrying amount of candles in their apartment, sitting on a picnic blanket and eating the ‘super fancy stylez’ dinner Jake has cooked as a surprise to celebrate a year since their engagement, she’s never felt more at home. She really can’t imagine a time where she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life with this wonderful man. Her husband of five months. This time last year, when she had had only fierce competition flowing through her veins from the second she’d woken up, she’d had no idea of the love that would replace it later that day. She’d had no idea that the course of their relationship was about to change forever.

OK, here goes Amez… I love you

When he looks back, Jake can only remember the nerves and insecurity that had seized him for much of the day. All of his planning, everything that had gotten him through prison, had led up to this moment. But then he had just looked at Amy and, like that night sat with her crossword and his game of Kwazy Cupcakes, had just known. That feeling, that rightness (is that a word?), is also what settles over him now, as they sit together in the home they’ve made together, both more relaxed than they’ve ever been.

It’s a night almost as perfect as October 31st 2017 and May 15th 2018.