Hi guys, I’m Sollay! Still here!

If you don’t recognize me, this is some of my most reblogged art. 

I accidentally deleted my main blog earlier (which happened to be my art blog) and I’m a pretty upset about that, because since I have a very bad memory I’m having a hard time getting back to all the people I followed… and well because I deleted everything, including sideblogs and likes lol. I really want to get back to everybody and build back my blog and keep posting art, and maybe reposting some of my old stuff? And I really to let everyone know I’m still here in this URL if they were following me n_n; if you’d please spread this it would probably help me find some people back either following me or that I followed! Thanks!

I’m putting this in the HS tag because of the art and for promo reasons, too.

Friendly reminder to the HS fandom that 4/13 is going to be on a Friday this year. Homestuck Day shall take place on Friday the 13th.

And we foolishly thought that twenty-gayteen was going to be a blessed year.