Sooooo I’ve kind of fallen in love with this musical and need everybody to listen to it?? It’s a weird concept, but the music is awesome and the cast is SO much fun and I really hope there’s an opportunity to get to bring it back and see it in the future. 

I’m going to try and include a couple of prints of this at WonderCon, so if anybody’s a fan. Feel free to stop on by~ 

the previews of the off broadway version for be more chill are in 2 weeks! im totally hyped! but im worried about the fan behavior. i already made a post about this but it doesnt hurt to do it again.

1. be quiet and dont sing alone especially during michael in the bathroom. critics and broadway producers are going to show up to the showings. they will not put money behind it or leave good reviews if youre screaming at the top of your lungs. the actors are on stage, not you.

2. RESPECT THE ACTORS. dont address them as the characters they play. be kind to them and compliment their performance. please dont bombard them or harass them. remember they are people too.

3. please be nice to one another, people had panic attacks at a different showing for be more chill because everyone was so loud.

4. if youre hard pressed on wanting to bootleg, please be discreet about it. this is new york city, you can be charged for filming. if youre in the first 5 rows, just don’t do it. trust me, the actors can and will see you.

you can cheer and you can talk to the actors, just be good people and set a good example. that way the showing of be more chill will be fun for everyone!

In a McDonald’s parking lot, eating

Jake: Nugs not drugs dude.

Michael: But dude, dude. Think about it. Nugs AND drugs.

Jake: Shit you right.

Rich: *rifling though the bag* They forgot my nug sauce!

Jeremy: If you guys say nugs one more time, I’m going to kill you all.

Jake, Michael, Rich, in unison: Nugs.