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I’m not in love with her. You know that. You felt that. The truth of the matter is that I’ll never love anyone as much as I love you. You have never chosen me, we’ve done horrible things to one another, but for some reason, I still end up here. In front of you, looking at you, wanting you, in love with you.
—  Jake Ballard, Scandal 

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Hey Zal you said gazes between couples are really important to you and influence whether you ship a couple. What do you think off Olake gazes and what's the vibe you get from them?

Olake is interesting because for me, the vibe changes but the root of the vibe doesn’t, which is being understood.

In the earlier seasons, there was a soft sort of vulnerability to the Olake gazes:

which does carry on into season 6:

a sense of safety and being seen, which is why the “standing in the sun” tagline worked for them so well.

And when they fought, when Jake called Olivia out, that sense of being understood is still there and their gazes are charged because of it, because what they say to each other is so hurtful because they understand one another so deeply so the vibe from that is very gut-wrenching

In later seasons when they had this disturbingly hot psychosexual chess game with each other, their gazes still had a sense of being understood but it was aw and it was visceral because it was an understanding of their psychology their relationship through sex and not just sex but the way they can play each other’s passions:

Related to the psychosexual chess game is the angst that comes with it, the pain and the dysfunction of that game but also again the sense of being understood, that even within their toxic rage at each other, they can find safety in the fact that they’re both feeling the same thing? So there’s that sense of being understood again:

Hopefully this answers your question :)

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  • Mellie: [enters Olivia's room unexpectedly] uh, Olivia, why are you naked?
  • Olivia: I... don't own any clothes.
  • Mellie: That's not true, [walks to Olivia's closet and opens it] you have these jeans, this sweater, hi Jake, these shorts-
  • Mellie: [squints]
  • Mellie: Oh my god, Olivia, this is a hideous dress.