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Storyline : The life of reclusive Beach Boys songwriter and musician Brian Wilson, from his successes with highly-influential orchestral pop albums to his nervous breakdown and subsequent encounter with controversial therapist Dr. Eugene Landy.

Casts : Kenny Wormald, Brett Davern, Jake Abel, Paul Dano, John Cusack, Paul Giamatti, Erin Darke, Joanna Going, Elizabeth Banks

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Double Dates are Fun, Pine Tree

[Warning: This contains BillDip (BillxDipper) fluff. Don’t like, don’t read. Bill and Dipper are aged up to 24 years old. Same goes for Mabel, while Jake is 26. You have been warned.]

Dipper paced back and forth across the room that his and his lover shared. Bill just stared at Dipper in amusement. He sure was getting worked up for nothing.

Today was the day that Dipper and Bill were going to have a double date with Mabel and her boyfriend, Jake. Mabel and Jake have been going out for 5 years and for some reason Mabel really wanted for Dipper and Bill to get closer to him since they barely even interacted with each other when he would come to visit.

She said something about created a strong bond and having one of those days when the guys just hang out for beer and watch sports, which Dipper disliked very much.

He was not a fan of beer or sports at all, however, Bill was a different story. The blonde liked the idea of that as long as margaritas were involved.

“What if he doesn’t like me, Bill? What if I mess up and he’ll hate us forever? What if-” Bill placed his finger against the brunette’s lips, interrupting his words.

“Shh. Calm down, Pine Tree. You’ll be fine. You’re just over analyzing things, kid. It’ll be okay.” The blonde spoke in a soft voice that seemed to catch the young man’s attention.

He places his hands on the brunette’s shoulders and leaned closer to his face, giving him a peck on his lips. Dipper seemed to calm down at that while his cheeks flamed up a bright pink.

“Thanks.” He smiled.

Bill walked back to his bed and sat back down, humming while studying the roof of their bedroom. Dipper scurried over to the closet and grabbed a red flannel shirt. ‘This one should do the trick,’ he thought.

“Bill?” Dipper questioned and turned around, holding the shirt out in front of the demon.

“Yes love?” Bill responded, gazing at the shirt Dipper was holding right in front of him.

“Is this shirt okay? It doesn’t look too casual does it?” He inquired, only hearing a hum from the blonde’s mouth.

“I think it’s perfect, Pine Tree.” He replied.

Dipper beamed at that and finally pulled the shirt over his head. The couple walked out the door and came downstairs, getting ready to leave.


“Well, we’re here.” Dipper calmly sighed, nervousness traveling through his body.

The blonde and the brunette walked out of the car and stood outside on the parking lot, eyes scanning everywhere for a sign of the twin’s sister and boyfriend.

“I don’t see them? Do you see anything, Bill-?”

“BRO-BRO! OVER HERE!” His sister boasted a couple of feet away from where Dipper and Bill were.

She waved her hands up in the sky rapidly, desperately and excitingly trying to get her brother’s attention. She ran towards Dipper and hugged him tight, her boyfriend not far behind.

“I haven’t seen you in weeks, Bro-Bro!” Mabel beamed and released her brother from her grip, hopping her way to Bill.

She hugged the demon as well, “Hey Bill! Long time no see!” She smiled widely and skipped back to where her boyfriend was.

Jake was an astonishing man. He had ginger hair, beautiful green eyes and a very fit and lean body. Something both Dipper and Bill admired. Mabel sure had a good taste in guys.

“Dipper. Bill. Nice to meet you fellas!” Jake smiled and shook their hands, greeting them in a very kind manner.

“Nice to meet you too, Jake.” Bill and Dipper replied in unison.

“Well now that that’s over with, let’s go eat!” Mabel cheered and trotted inside the restaurant.


“Man the food here is great! We should definitely eat here more often!” Mabel commented while stuffing her mouth with more pieces of steak.

“Definitely.” The blonde replied.

“Hey love, open your mouth. I’m going to hand feed you.” Bill grinned.

“W-What?! Hell no Bill. I can feed myself you know.” Dipper protested, cheeks brightening up.

“Come on, Pine Tree.” The demon whined, Dipper growing irritated.

Mabel and Jake stared at them in awe, also holding in their laughs at how the blonde was treating the brunette in a childish manner.

“Come on, Bro-Bro! Just do it!” His sister chimed in, big grin over her face as well.

“Ugh. Fine.” Dipper sighed and opened his mouth slightly, making Bill beam up with joy.

“Here comes the airplane!” Bill giggled as he made airplane noises and led the fork into his lover’s mouth.

Across the table, Mabel and Jake just stared at each other brightly and smiles showing as well.

“Mabel, I have to ask you something.” The ginger stood up from the booth and got on one knee, direction towards the surprised brunette.

“Will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?”

Mabel’s eyes grew wide, tears running down to her cheeks. She smiled wide and leaped into her boyfriend’s arms.

“YES YES YES YES A HUNDRED TIMES YES!!!” The woman cried with joy, while the man held her close.

She kissed the man happily. The people around them in the restaurant clapping and cheering the now engaged couple. Bill and Dipper joined the crowd, tears streaming down Dipper’s face. Bill glanced at the brunette for a split second and held him close, gaze returning to Mabel and her fiance.


After the engagement, Mabel and Jack waved goodbye and walked to their vehicle. Bill and Dipper waved them off and got in the car.

Dipper slipped into the driver’s seat and buckled his seatbelt. The demon got inside on the passenger’s side and did the same.

The brunette started the car and drove off. A couple of minutes passed and they finally arrived at the shack. Dipper parked the car and pulled out the keys.

“That was nice wasn’t it?” Dipper commented, earning the demon’s attention.

“Yeah.” Bill mumbled, sounding distressed through Dipper’s ears.

“What’s wrong Bill?” Dipper raised a brow, worried about his lover.

“N-Nothing Pine Tree.” Bill muttered, hearing a groan from the brunette.

Pine Tree was frustrated, but did Bill really want to tell him what was on his mind? I’m sure he doesn’t need to know. It’s not that big of a deal.

“Bill, tell me.” Dipper demanded.

Bill sighed. “Do you think you’d want to get married one day? You know, with me? It’s okay if you don’t want to, Pine Tree. I’ll understand.”

Dipper’s eyes gazed upon the blonde’s rapidly and cupped his cheeks. He pulled them at his direction, face up close with noses almost touching.

“Bill, I love you with all my heart. There is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for you, you know that right?”

Bill nodded at that.

“And If you’d ever ask me to marry you, of course I’d say yes. I love you too much to say no.” Dipper continued.

The demon smiles weakly at Dipper’s response. The brunette leaned in and kissed the blonde softly. Bill returned the kiss passionately, Dipper begging for more.

They stayed seated in the car with arms around each others bodies, not stopping their lustful kiss. They parted their mouths for a gasp of air.

“I love you, Bill.” The brunette whispered while trying to catch his breath.

“I love you too, Pine Tree.” The demon stole the brunette’s lips again, embracing their hungry kiss.

Teen Wolf Preferences #9: Celeb crush he is jealous of

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Derek: Taylor Lautner

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Stiles: Logan Lerman

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Scott: Josh Hutcherson

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Isaac: James and/or Oliver Phelps (you can choose)

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Jackson: Alexander Ludwig

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Liam: Liam Hemsworth

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Garett: Jake Abel

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Parrish: Kellan Lutz

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Brett: Tom Felton

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Baby Derek: Booboo Stewart

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