jake you better make it up to me

Imagine ... Bella getting angry with you (Jaspers sister) because Jake imprinted on you -Part 2-

My fingers trembled as I tried desperately to zip up my suitcase which I’d filled with clothes, pictures of my family, pictures of Jake. I knew I had to go … To make everything better, but I didn’t realise how hard it would be.

I was lucky Edward and Alice were off hunting up in Canada with Emmet, Jasper and Carlisle. They wouldn’t be able to get in time when Alice saw my future, I’d already be long gone.

“Y/N? Are you okay? Can we … Can we talk?” Bella had already tried to apologise to me several times but every time I let of a warning growl in her direction. I was hoping this time would be the same, that she’d just leave but then I decided if this were the last we’d talk then I better make it count. So I feebly whispered.

“I’m sorry Bella, I love you, let the others know I love them and tell Jacob I’m so so sorry” with that last remark I knew Bella would come storming into the bedroom so hauled the suitcase - which was no problem - onto my back and jumped hastily out my window.

I surrendered myself to the miraculous beat of my feet against the ground of the forest floor. The crunch of the soles of my shoes hitting the leavesand twigs as I ran at full pelt, to where I did not know. At least everyone would be happier … Everyone but me.

a lot of these issues could be solved by introspection and naming the actual issues you have with a person.

instead of:
“Marie is a complete psycho.”
“Marie keeps standing me up when we make plans and robbing my house while I’m out.”

instead of:
“I broke up with Jake because he’s a narcissist.”
“Jake never acted like he valued me or cared about how I felt.”

which communicates the issues better? which creates more productive dialogue? you lose nothing by thinking critically about the words you use. your friends, who may well be schizophrenic or borderline or bipolar or autistic are less likely to be hurt by things you’ve said that you’re just used to saying. everyone wins.

White Cocoa

hey dudes, check out this adorable fic! 

So, hi everyone! If you’re reading this I really hope you enjoy it. I hope it will make your day better, because I like to make people’s day better! Now I will stop talking and give you my fic. Thank you to Phil for letting me submit it! Phil seems like a very nice person!

“Jake, do you have any more hot chocolate?”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you, I got a new kind. I figured we’d shake things up.” Jake grabbed a shopping bag off the couch and took out a canister of white hot chocolate, proudly handing it to Amy in the kitchen.

“Very intriguing. You wanna get out the snacks while I make some?”

“Sure. Although, you should know, I sprung for the fancy kind you have to make over the stove.”

Amy smiled. “Wow, I’m impressed.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m the best boyfriend ever. Oh, and I almost forgot…” Jake again reached into the shopping bag he’d put back on the counter, pulling out a pair of fuzzy socks. “I got these for you. ‘Cause your feet are always cold. And they have penguins on them, ‘cause I know you like penguins. Best boyfriend ever,” he reiterated, putting up his hand for a high five.

“Best boyfriend ever,” Amy agreed with a smile, high fiving him, taking the socks, and giving him a quick kiss before getting to work making hot chocolate. Meanwhile, Jake began pulling numerous bags of snacks out of his very small kitchen cabinets and taking them to the living room. Finally, he got tonight’s DVD ready and then went to his bedroom to get a blanket for Amy, since she was always cold always, especially on cold, snowy January days like today.

“Do you have any marshmallows?” She asked him from the kitchen.

“Um…yes. Who do you think I am, the captain?”

Amy glared at him. He’d come to decode some of her glares since he’d known her, and this one was of the very familiar “don’t insult the captain” variety. He watched as she found an almost empty bag of marshmallows in a cabinet and then placed a few in one of the empty mugs she’d set out.

“Ames, what are you doing?”

“I’m putting marshmallows in the mugs so I can pour the cocoa over them.”

“Okay, that’s insane. You put the marshmallows in AFTER the cocoa, that way, you can watch them luxuriously melt on top.”

She furrowed her brow. “But won’t they melt faster if I put them in first?”

“Deliciousness can’t be rushed.”

“Okay, how about we do both?”

Jake paused for effect. “I like how you think.”

Amy grinned and continued placing the marshmallows at the bottom of the mugs. She then poured the steaming pot of cocoa into the two cups and put the remaining marshmallows on the top.

After a few minutes, she joined him on the couch, covering up with the blanket and putting on her new socks. “Ready?” Jake asked her.

“Yes. What are we watching today?”

“The X-Files.”

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The next time you see me, the first time you’ve seen me since we broke up, will make your heart ache and your stomach drop. You’ll notice small things, how my hair is a shade lighter and it’s shorter and doesn’t fall down my back the same way it used to. I’m thinner than I used to be, and you’ll notice my curves are more prominent, but they look better than they used to. I think first you’ll hear my laugh, the same laugh that used to make your nose crinkle, and you’ll stop in your tracks. You never thought you’d hear that same laugh again. You’ll hear my laugh and you’ll see me, all 5'2 of me, and it will hit you. All the memories, all the secrets, all the plans you destroyed when you left, will hit you like a semi-truck. And that’s when you’ll realize. You never should have let me go.
—  Six months later and you’ll realize I’m gone

“Life isn’t about how popular you are, what girl or boy you’re dating or who you know. Life is about always being true to who you are, and what you believe in. Never let anyone convince you that their way is better than your way” -Andy

“Stand up for what you believe in even if that means standing alone” -Andy

“There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t… What you’ve got to do is then around and say “Watch Me”“ -Ashley Purdy

"Follow your hearts and follow your dreams until you catch them. Negative people who say you can’t do something are only speaking for themselves” -Jake

“Success and happiness is something no other person can steal from you. Make something of yourself, make mistakes and learn. Life is beautiful” - Christian

Note from BVB army:
We don’t like them just for their looks, though they are a plus. We like BVB for the message they send through their music. We like BVB for how inspirational their music is. We like the fact that they stand up for their fans. We like BVB for who they they are, not for what they look like.

Thank you BVB for everything you’ve done for your fans honestly you’ve helped me out throughout some tough times. Thanks ☺️

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