jake x john

inside andrew hussies mind

hussie: *creates beloved character*
brain: kill em
hussie: why
brain: you gotta

Hey, LITs! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! We thought it’d be a good idea to celebrate by having a festival for our favorite ship!

For the month of December, we will be making winter/holiday-themed Jake/Ezekiel content, such as fic, edits, mixes and more! And we’d like for you to join us! And no, this isn’t just about Christmas, you can make your stuff centric to any holiday/culture of your choosing as long as it isn’t offending anyone else. Or you can do no holiday in specific at all! Even just winter themed is good.

We will be accepting winter-related prompts throughout the month of December, as long as we’re comfortable with the prompts! If you’d like to let your followers know that you’ll also be accepting prompts for this, reblog this and tell them, or make your own post, whatever works!

We’ll be accepting angst, fluff, possibly even smut, gifs, mixes, edits, headcanons, art, anything as long as it somehow pertains to jazekiel + winter or the holidays. (Let’s be real, most of this is going to be fluff.)

Grab some hot chocolate and get ready to ship some nerds! We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! Happy Holidays, and happy shipping!

Remember to tag your posts with #jazekielwinterfestival so we can find it! And don’t be afraid to send your stuff to us! 

Here’s a quick prompt/au rec list in case you need ideas:

Holiday aus

Otp advent calendar/christmas prompts

More holiday/christmas prompts

Hanukkah prompts

Jazekiel centric blogs participating in this event:




Take My Breath Away

Ok so…this is literally the first fanfiction I have ever written so, it may not be the best but I have plans for possible continuation.  I have to thank my moirail for looking over it and helping correct things I didn’t catch after the first time I read through it.

ANDDDD Finally it’s based on Zeborah’s generic highschool AU which really helped tip me into liking Jake/John.

Sooo I guess…enjoy

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I haven't done Fandom playlists in ages

So send me a show/otp and I’ll make a playlist.

Call the midwife
Not Going Out
Doctor Who
Ashes to Ashes
Life On Mars
Pushing Daisies
American Odyssey
Car Share
The IT Crowd
Law and Order UK