jake x addison

I sam so team Jake right now… When I started watching Private Practice, I was rooting for Sam and Addison and I did not want Jake and her to be together. But that’s because I didn’t know him! He’s so great! He’s the perfect guy. He’s charming, smart, funny and so respectful of others. And he makes Addie incredibly happy. So I just wanted to say that I love Jake Reilly. Definetely one of my favorite characters :)

  • Jake: You know why I asked how you felt about me? Because I could fall in love with you, Addison. I could buy a house with you, I could make a baby with you-- in a test tube or however-- but I could be with you. But when I go in, I... I go all in. And I can't do that while you're pining after another man. (whispers) You're not ready for what I have to offer.
  • Addison: I could get ready.
  • Jake: That would be nice.