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Head cannon that Jake loves to take Rich out- like he'll call him up at nine at night and be like "Dude, I'm in your parking lot, let's go places," and then after a two hour drive they end up at a perfect, secret beach and Jake packs lanterns and watermelon and they enjoy the stars under the waves together.

i teared up reading this i’m such a sucker for surprise romantic dates holy shit,,,,

Liv, the Bug-A-Boo

Jake: I’m gonna stop pursuing you romantically, so bye.
Olivia: Can you be my date to the WH Correspondents’ Dinner? I’ll only beg you until you say yes twice.

Jake: I’m gonna go be Command of B613, so bye.
Olivia: Well while you’re doing that, can you play my fake cover-up boyfriend? Oh, and here’s a key to my apartment for no good reason. 

Jake: My duties as fake bf are done for the day, so bye.
Olivia: OK but can I drop by your place with dinner and wine and demand to be engaged in deep, meaningful conversation and then “taken advantage of”? Thanx.

Jake: I’m tired of you not listening to me about your terrible father, so bye. And don’t call me.
Olivia: *that night* I’m just gonna call you anyway.

Jake: I’m not your man, I’m not gonna live with you, so bye.
Olivia: BABE COME BAAACK! Oh you won’t come back? Well fuck it, I’ll just go to your hotel room buck naked then.

Jake: We are not officially a couple, I’m not obligated to do couple things with you, so bye.
Olivia: Can you come to dinner with me at my dad’s house? I’ll just moan and pout and accuse you of sleeping with other women until you say yes.

Jake: I’m gonna let you be with the man you keep saying you want to be with, so bye.
Olivia: Can you help me with a case/come with me while I run away from my problems with said man/hold me lovingly/indulge me while I continue to call or go to you for every little thing?

Jake: No I will not advise you on whether or not you should marry someone who isn’t me, so BYE. And stop calling here!!
Olivia: I’m just gonna call there agai- Oh he hung up on me.

Jake: I’m gonna shut you out of this thing I’m involved in with your dad and another woman, so bye.
Olivia: Well I’m gonna stalk you.

Jake: I got engaged, so bye.
Olivia: Well now I’m gonna stalk you harder.

Jake: I’m getting married on Saturday.
Olivia: The hell you are

Me at Olivia:

Deere Headcanons: Flustered boys and first date

I’m tagging: @twinkjeremyheere

I know you like Deere.

-Jake formed feelings for Jeremy very quick. When he falls for someone, he falls hard.

-Jake’s usually a pretty smooth, flirty guy. However, being around Jeremy he’s a flustered mess.

-His hands get sweaty and he can’t form words correctly around him. And it doesn’t help that Jer isn’t his usual type, so he has no idea how to act around him at first.

-Should I flirt? No, that’s too much. Does he like me talking though? Am I talking too much?? I’m talking too much. Sh-

-Endless nervous thoughts swarm this poor boy’s brain.

-Rich teases Jake all that time. It’s just so hilarious to see a usually put together guy become a nervous wreck around Jeremy of all people.

-”You’re tho in love with Jeremy. I bet you think about him all the time.”

-Jake: ”Shut up. I don’t.”

-Also Jake: Laying awake at 2 am thinking about this boy.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Imagine

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There was no running away from it. You knew this would happen, but really hoped it would. You tried to breath but it felt like you couldn’t, wanted to walk out, but was afraid to make a panic and have your name all over the papers the next day. Thinking about that made you freak out even more. This was your first big red carpet event, this was your first time at the Oscars. Looking at yourself you start to think everything was wrong: dress, hair, make up, even you being there. As you tried to find some place with more air there was a knock on your door. 

“Baby, it’s me” Jake. Someone you actually wanted to see. You were in such panic that couldn’t even say anything to him, but he entered anyway. 

“Hey..” he smiled but then quickly ran to you seeing the state you were in. “hey, hey. Everything will be alright” he tried to calm you down, but still you felt like the room had no air in it. He noticed you placing a hand on your neck trying to say you weren’t having enough air. Jake ran to the window opened it, then pulled you to it “Breath slowly” Jake rubbed your back while you finally got some air in your lungs. 

“Thank you” you said to Jake, finally feeling better, and not like you were going to die. “I guess I wasn’t ready for tonight as I thought” Jake kissed you head. You could tell he was very worried about you, but it happens sometimes, You never know when. 

“How about I walk the carpet with you?” he said still rubbing your back. 

“We can’t. You’re supposed to walk before me. 4 people before me” since you and Jake aren’t married and hadn’t asked to be walking together he was put in front of you. Oscars were some serious businesses. 

“So what. I don’t care. You need me. I love you and I will walk the carpet with you. What are they going to do, pull me off the carpet, doubt that” you laughed and started to really think about it. He was right, you did need him, you couldn’t do this on your own. So you agreed. 

Having him by your side helped you stay calm and even have fun. No one was against you two walking together. Jake kept whispering in your ear telling you how good you were doing. Your first Oscar event started off on a bad note but ended on an amazing one, all thanks to Jake. 

Apologies Owed

Summary: After accidentally overhearing Jeremy tell someone what the Halloween party was like from his perspective, Chloe thinks back on her actions and realizes that she really owes some people an apology. (ft some pining pinkberry and background meremine)
On AO3
Words: 2,423
TW: talk of past sexual assault

Jake was holding a small house warming party/sleepover thing that only consisted of the core friend group that he said was to “try and make the big fancy new house feel lived in,” but most people could guess he just used that wording to mask the fact that he was desperate for company after living alone for so long. Everyone had spent a few hours drinking wine and having increasingly strange conversations in the sitting room, but eventually they all had scattered to the wind. Jenna had to skedaddle home to look after her little brother, Jeremy, Michael, and Christine had gone upstairs to find a room in which to sleep, Chloe and Brooke decided to follow their lead and found a room as well, and Jake and Rich had passed out where they sat in the sitting room.

However, as Chloe lay in the dark about a foot away from a sleeping Brooke, she found herself oddly wakeful. She sat up and saw light shining under the door from the hallway, and decided to get up go to the bathroom. Once in there, she just stared at her own face in the mirror for a few minutes, playing with her hair and poking at her face.

As she walked back down the hallway, she heard talking from behind one of the doors. She was just going to ignore it and keep going, but she heard someone say her name. “You know when Chloe brought me to Jake’s parents’ room at the party?” It sounded like Jeremy. She knelt down and peered through the keyhole, and it indeed was the pale skinny young man. *He sat crossed-legged on the floor, looking a little teary eyed, with Christine and Michael each holding one of his hands.

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Found You Part 2- JakeXMC

So, my intention was to only make this a two shot, but apparently the Jake had other ideas.  Here’s part two of my story for you to enjoy.  Hopefully part 3 will be out soon.  We’ll have to see if Jake and Jess are willing to cooperate with me.

As before, constructive criticism is always welcome.  Needless flames will be used to warm my toes and make s’mores.

              The first rays of dawn were creeping through his window, but Jake didn’t see them.  His world had been turned on its head, once again; by a blonde-haired, blue-eyed vixen that just 12 hours ago he would have sworn had forgotten all about him.  He slowly turned the USB key over in his hands, wondering just what in the hell was on it, but damn if he wasn’t terrified to look as well.  “Three years…” he whispered, his eyes starting off into nothing.  “What in the hell could you have to tell me after three damn years?”

              Those three years had passed quickly for him, lost in a blur of charter jobs and blackout, booze-filled nights.  He’d spent the first month after La Huerta at the bottom of a bottle, desperately trying to forget the people he’d been forced to leave behind, trying to forget the woman who had told him to run.  “Damnit Princess, what in the hell are you playing at?” Jake’s eyes finally focused on the little key in his hands, so innocuous and innocent.  But appearances were always deceiving.  It’s previous owner being a perfect example of that. At first glance, one could have been forgiven for thinking she was nothing more than a preppy little sorority cheerleader on her way to blow away her brain cells on an all expense paid island resort.  “But you are so much more than that aren’t you Princess?” Jake asked of the empty room, his eyes transfixed by the little piece of plastic and silicon in his hands.

              The note she’d written had frozen him to his bar stool for what had seemed like an eternity before Ernesto’s voice had finally broken through and forced him to move.  He snatched up the note and the key and strode out of the bar, vaguely aware of Ernesto calling after him but not really giving a damn what he was saying.  Which is what brought him here, sitting on his piece of junk couch while his ancient laptop sat open before him on the coffee table, the screen casting a soft glow over his face that he neither noticed nor cared about.  He’d been frozen there, just as he had been at the bar, for hours now.  All because of a USB key and an entire lifetime’s worth of memories.

              But time moves ever forward and even this moment of peaceful stupefaction couldn’t last.  The slamming of a nearby door jerked Jake from his thoughts, bringing his mind back into focus.  He knew he couldn’t just sit there forever.  And so, with trembling hands, Jake leaned forward and inserted the key into his computer.  There were only two files that popped up… two completely normal looking files.  Still wondering what in the hell was going on, Jake navigated his cursor to the file labelled ‘First’ and clicked.

              “Breaking news tonight as scandal rocks the U.S. Department of Defence.  Documents leaked today to various media sources point to illegal sales of government weapons.  Commander Rex Lundgren of the United States Naval Services was taken into custody today pending charges of weapons smuggling and manslaughter in the death of Lieutenant Michael Francis Schaffer.”

              It was as if a wrecking ball had just socked Jake in the chest.  The video file droned on about the Navy releasing a statement as article after article popped up on his screen about the leak and Ludgren’s subsequent arrest.  The New York Times had run Mike’s naval photo side by side with one of Lundgren when he was arrested and Jake couldn’t help the tears that sprang to his eyes as he stared at the image of his old friend, so proud in his dress blues.  “How in the hell…”  Jake sagged back onto the couch, just staring at the information explosion on his screen.  Lundgren was arrested, not only for the smuggling, but for murdering Mike?  “How in the hell did you pull this off Princess?” Surging forward, Jake closed the articles and the now silent video file and clicked the second file, hoping it would have some clues.  Immediately a video call appeared on his laptop, silently ringing on his end.

              Jake’s heart fell slightly when Zahra’s face filled the screen.  “Well it’s about damn time.” She huffed, her irritation plain.  “It’s been two days dude, what in the hell took you so long to open these files.  I worked hard on those.”

              “I only just got the drive.” Jake said, struggling to comprehend the situation he was in.  “What in the hell is happening here Z?”

              Zahra rolled her eyes.  “Dude, did you even READ the articles we included?  Any of the documents?”  At his head shake, Zahra rolled her eyes again, muttering what he could only assume were Persian curses.  “You’ve been cleared dude.  The Navy had no choice but to clear yours and Mike’s name in the face of the information bomb Jess and I set off.  The only thing on your record now is a dishonorable discharge for desertion and she argued them down to time served on that one.”

              Once again, Jake sagged back into his couch.  “Wha… How?”

              “Don’t ask,” was the sharp reply.  “The less you know about this, the better.”

              Jake’s eyes narrowed.  “What in the hell did you do Zahra?”

              She just shrugged.  “I just did the major hacking.  Jess was the one who found most of the information.  You wanna get pissy with someone, get pissy with her.”

              “Well I would, but since you’re here and she’s not…”

              “Come on Jake, you had to know she wasn’t going to let this go.”  Zahra’s glared at him from the screen.  “Even if she hadn’t been ass over tea kettle for you, we both know that isn’t who she is.”  A soft smirk tugged at Zahra’s lips.  “She’s a fixer.  As annoying as it might be, if she sees something is wrong… she fixes it.  Or she dies trying.”

              “You’re telling me…” Jake murmured, still reeling from the information overload. “So… all this time the two of you…”

              “It was mostly Jess.”  Zahra settled back into her chair.  “Almost as soon as she got back to the states, I think she started digging.  She contacted me about a year in with most of the information when she figured out Lundgren had set a tail on her.”

              “What!”  Jake was going to give himself whiplash flinging himself forwards like this, but Zahra’s last sentence struck him like a bullet.

              “Relax, he never touched her.” Zahra said, waving a hand at him.  “The way we figure it, Lundgren found out about her digging and knew there was only one person who could have set her on his trail. He wasn’t going to hurt her until he found you and we handled that.  She went on the run and we kept digging.”

              “What the hell Z…”  Jake was angry now.  Angry at Jess for getting herself into this mess, angry at Lundgren for coming near her, but also at himself for not being able to protect her.  But under all of that, he couldn’t help but think… She did this for him?  “Tell me she’s ok.  Z, tell me she’s safe.”

              “Jake, do you not remember who dropped off that little care package? She’s fine.”  Zahra eyed him from her seat.  “She kept digging in the obvious spots so Lundgren wouldn’t notice me sneaking in the backdoor to his files.  How in the hell he was your commander I have no idea cause the dude can’t cover his tracks to save his life.”

              For the second time that night, Jake felt the air rush from his body. She had cleared his name.  Because of her, he could go back home for the first time in a decade.  He could go back to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and see all his old haunts.  He could… he could finally visit Mike’s grave and pay his respects.  He was a free man… and yet…

              “Where is she?”

              Zahra smirked at him.  “She checked in with me after she made the drop at your bar.  You ever been to Morocco?”  Her smirk widened as Jake shook his head.  “Her Highness, Princess Lalla Salma owed me a favor.  You might want to check it out.  I hear the street markets are amazing.”  And just like that, she ended the call.

              It took a second for everything to click, but when it did, Jake was a whirlwind of movement.  Years in the Navy had taught him to pack light and within fifteen minutes, everything he gave a damn about had been shoved into a bag, his apartment was locked up, and he was striding with purpose into the steadily brightening day. “I will find you Princess.” He felt himself mutter.  “You found me and now… now I’m gonna find you.”

Skating With Pals

Jared squinted at Evan as he bounced his leg annoyingly in the passenger seat, “Evan if you don’t stop bouncing my whole car, I’m going to rip your damn legs off with my bare hands.” Evan frowned, placing his hand on his leg to try and stop it, but Jared’s words made it 100x worse. Jared groaned, pulling into a driveway. Evan’s heart started to race, was Jared going to actually going to rip off his legs? Evan pushed down on his leg hard, attempting once again to make it stop. Jared stared, waiting. When Evan finally made eye contact, Jared raised his eyebrows. “What?” Evan demanded, sort of frustrated that his leg wouldn’t stop. “Can you text Connor and tell him we’re here or something?” Jared said, Evan looked around, realizing they were outside of the Murphy’s home. “Oh shit, yeah, yes I can do that-” but before he could finish, he heard the door to the backseat open, and Connor was in the car. Jared literally screamed when he saw him in the rear view mirror, causing Evan to jump and hit his head on the roof of the car. “What?!” Connor demanded, Jared held his hand dramatically over his chest, “It’s just your hair was in your face, and you kind of looked like the girl from the ring.” Jared bursted out laughing, as Evan glared, and Connor just rolled his eyes. After about three minutes of just Jared laughing, he started the engine, “Whose ready to go skatiiiiiiinnnnngggg?” He sang, as he pulled out of the driveway. Connor shook his head, pulling out his phone and texting Evan. ‘This would’ve been 100% better if we could’ve just taken my car.’ Evan glanced back at Connor and shook his head, texting back, 'Jared would’ve whined about you driving like an old lady the whole time.’ Connor gave a solid nod. Jared blasted music, so loud the bass shook the car. He stopped at a red light, glancing at Evan, his eyes widened, he turned down the radio and reached over Evan, rolling down his window. “HEY JAKE!” He called, waving his arms frantically and beeping the horn, the guy in the car next to them suddenly smiled widely when he saw Jared, rolling down his window. “Hey! What’s up?” “Not much! Just going skating with Evan and his boyfr-” Evan hissed out a breath and rolled up the window, “What the fuck, dude?” Jared demanded, before a car honked behind them, “Oh shit, my bad dude.” He muttered as he started driving again. Jared glanced at Evan, who had his arms crossed, well the best that he could, with his cast. “Come on, I was just kidding!” Jared said, as they approached the skating place. “I won’t make anymore gay jokes, I promise.” Jared assured. Once parked, they got out and headed inside. Jared ended up getting Evan his skates, since Evan kept letting people cut him in line. As Evan put his on, Connor sat down beside him, “Have you ever done this before?” Connor asked, Evan shrugged, “Maybe like once or twice when I was a kid?” Connor nodded, “Well let me know if you need help, okay?” Connor muttered, standing and walking to where Jared was, Evan stood, kind of in shock, he wasn’t used to Connor being nice to him, let alone hanging out with him and Jared. Once they were in the rink, Connor kept waiting for Evan to go, but Evan kept waiting for him to go, and they were both just standing there. Connor coughed, “Um, do you need me to like, hold your hand? Or something?” Before Evan could respond, there was a huge crash, both their eyes went to Jared, who was on the ground, “Fuck!” He hissed, trying to stand, but kept falling. Evan couldn’t help but laugh, he literally looked like a fawn trying to walk for the first time. Evan was slightly shaky at first as he made his way to Jared, Connor skating behind him, his hands prepped to grab Evan before he could fall on the ground like Jared. Evan held his hand out to help him up. But Jared refused, “No! I can do it! Just go skate Evan!” Evan stood there for a second, his eyebrows furrowed, “But Jared-” “EVAN I’M FINE GO FUCKING SKATE, FUCK.” Evan quickly skated away, surprisingly really fucking good. Connor watched, in complete shock as Evan skated like a pro. Jared sat on the ground, jaw dropped. “Evan, you fucking asshole,” Jared called out, Evan stopped by Jared on his third time passing him, “Jared are you sure-” “YES YOU BITCH, I’M SURE I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP!” Evan glanced around, “Shhh!” Evan pleaded. Connor now rolled up to them, “Does he need hel-” he started to ask Evan, but suddenly, Jared kicked out both his legs, knocking Evan and Connor both down. “What the fuck, Kleinman?!” Connor hissed, clenching his fists. Evan grimaced, his arm slightly throbbing as he scooted his way in between them, just in case Connor lunged at Jared. “Let’s see you two try and get up, it’s fucking hard.” Connor kept eye contact as he stood up in one swift movement. Jared groaned and then looked at Evan, Evan bit his lip, quickly pretending to struggle to stand. Jared grinned, “See! It’s hard! Even Evan, who is freakishly good at skating, is having a hard time!” Connor sighed. Evan watched as a worker approached them, “Excuse me, but I’m going to have to ask you boys to leave.” She said, crossing her arms. Jared squinted, “Why?!” He demanded, “You’re disturbing the other guests.” “Yeah? Well you’re disturbing me.” Jared said, as Evan stood up, offering his hand to Jared again. Jared sighed and took it, standing up. Evan helped him out of the rink, Evan and Connor returned their skates, but Jared refused, sneaking out with them still on, “if they’re gonna kick us out, I’m taking the damn skates.” “Jared, no you can’t do that-” Evan started “Jared you can’t do that.” Jared mocked “Yes I fucking can do that, and I’m gonna fucking do it.” They got into Jared’s car, and Jared kept complaining about how he was going to sue for discrimination against guys who suck at skating. Evan walked Connor to his door, “Sorry, this kind of sucked, I, I just, Jared is sort of, he’s um, kind of hard to get used to? I guess?” Evan tried to defend his friends actions, but Connor shook his head, “No, I had fun.” Evan felt relief wash over him. “Just don’t let Kleinman push you around anymore, and I mean that literally. You have a broken arm, dude.” Connor opened his door, “See ya.” Evan waved, before walking back to the car and getting in. “Hey, sorry I kicked your feet out from under you earlier, is your arm okay?” Jared asked, sincerely, as he started driving again. “Yeah, it’s fine. But maybe next time, don’t push Connor too, no offense, but you wouldn’t stand a chance if he hit you.” Evan’s leg started bouncing again as he thought about it. “Fuck, Evan! Stop!”

Jake Gyllenhaal Imagine

Originally posted by void-obriens

You were on the set of your new movie, a movie you were so excited for. It was said that this one would ope up so many doors in your career and help you reach your goal to direct a movie one day. 

So when starting filming you only concentrated on making your part good, putting all your energy into it. You wanted to do go so badly, but some people didn’t see it the same way you did. Someone like Jake. When he heard that you got the part he was more then happy for you. He said he would help you if needed and that he would support you while filming, but since the filming has started, he has been nothing but grumpy and making rude comments about your co-star, Tom. He was playing your love interest in the movie, but to you just like Jake every time you play love interest with someone it’s just acting. You expected for him to understand but you were wrong.

As you were getting ready for the next scene Jake was sitting on the couch in your trailer. Tom then entered the trailer

“Hey (Y/N)” he said then looked at Jake “Hey man. Good to see you. So (Y/N) you ready for today, it’ll be fun today” he joked. you knew he was joking. Jake himself had told you to make jokes before things like this, just to make it less weird. You felt Jake watching you and Tam talk

“Gosh could you just get out already.” Jake said then realized he had said it out loud. Tom looked at him and then walked out.

“What the fuck was that?” you yelled out when the door was closed. “How could you do that?” you walked to him and panicked. You had to work with these people, how can you now look the in the eyes after that. Jake didn’t say anything just looked out the window.

“Jake talk to me” you could see his jaw clenching.

“Why don’t you talk to Tom. You two seem so lovely together so why not talk to him. It seems like you don’t need me anymore.” he got up but didn’t leave.

“I have no idea what’s happening right now” you said and continued to get ready but before you could finish Jake took away the clothes you had to wear for the love scene, Jake pulled them away from you.

“You’re not wearing that” He said and threw them across the room.

“What?” you looked at him in shock.

“You are not going to wear that slutty outfit. Not with him” he yelled and pointed to the door. “You’re not. Just not.”

“You do realize i’m not your property. And this is a movie.” you said in hop he would calm down.

“I know but..” he looked away from you

“But what?” time was running out. You had to be on the set on few minutes and even tho you wanted to find out what was the real problem you also didn’t want to lose your job.

“but what if i lose you? He is so much better then me, he’s just better. And if you do this scene you might fall i love with him” this was just to wrong to you.

“Jake are you crazy? I won’t. I love you. And you should now better then any one how it is to film these things. I’m scared out of my mind. You think I’m comfortable with this. You think I want to do this. No I don’t, but I have to do this.” Jake saw your true fear.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t even..babe i’m so sorry” he  came to hug me. “I didn’t even think about how you must feel. I’m really sorry. When I saw him I just got scares” we both stood there and talked. Right before you had to go out Jake and you made a deal: Jake wouldn’t watch you film the scene making it better for him and you two. After filming he took you out for dinner to apologize for his actions and to make you feel better after an awkward filming.

The Tall Man of Briarbell, Missouri

By reddit user  The_Dalek_Emperor

We had all liked Mr. Winscot. He didn’t mind when we used the sledding hill on his property and he always gave out the best Halloween candy in the neighborhood. So when we heard he’d been taken by the Tall Man everyone was really bummed out.

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