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Home Sweet Home (Tom GC) Part II

Part 1

Your parents ushered the both of you inside, so, to quote your father, “we don’t have to talk in this damn heat.” The house was quaint, with three bedrooms: your parents, and what were once yours and your brothers’. You had a seat on the green plaid couch that had sat in the same spot since you could remember, and pulled Tom down with you. He sat comfortably, like this was his own home, with his right leg propped up on his left, and his posture relaxing deep into the cushions.

“Y’all must be pretty hungry after all that travelin’, huh?” your daddy asked. “Why don’t we get a good meal in you two,” he looked over at your mama, who was already set up in the kitchen, apron and everything.

“Your brothers will be over in a quarter hour or so, we thought it would be nice to have family dinner.”

At her words, the front door swung open and two tall, burly boys came running through.

“YN sandwich!” they hollered as they hurdled towards you, trapping you in-between them.

“No!” you tried squirming away from them, to no avail. “Jake, Wade, quit it! Mama!” You yelled, acting like a child again. Tom and your dad were chuckling at the whole display. “Don’t you laugh at me, mister!”

Your brothers instantly focused their attention on your laughing boyfriend.

“Well, well ,well,” said Wade, “If it ain’t the mysterious Tom. We were startin’ to think you were all made up!” The boys sat on either side of him and stuck their hands out. “howdy, I’m Wade.”

“Jake,” said your other brother.

You were all sat around the dinner table, when your family started grilling Tom like they were the FBI.

“So, Tom,” started your dad, “What do you do for a living?”

“I’m an actor,” said Tom, taking a sip from his wine glass.

Your mother tried to lighten the conversation, “An actor, how exciting! Are we gonna see you on the big screen?”

“Maybe one day, I’m mostly working at theaters right now.”

“And being an actor, does that make you a pretty good salary?” Your father gave a stern look.

“Daddy!” You exclaimed at your father.

“What? I just wanna know what the boy’s got in store for you.”

You sighed and let your head sink into your hands. Under the table Tom gave your thigh a squeeze.

“Yes, sir. I promise I only want to give your daughter the best I can,” he smiled at you, love in his eyes.

“Now that I like the sound of!”

After dinner, you helped everyone clean up and your mother showed you to your room.

“Alright baby, you can set up in your room, and Tom,” she gestured him across the hall, “you can stay in the boys old room.”

“Mama,” you looked at her, “I’m an adult. I think I can stay in the same room as my boyfriend; we live together, for Pete’s sake.”

“Not in my house. You’re under my roof, you can play by my rules for a few days.”

“Thank you, Mrs. YLN, for your hospitality. I’m very grateful.”

Your mother scoffed a little before grabbing Tom’s hand, “Honey, call me Laurel, Mrs. YLN is my mother. Now y’all get some rest, your daddy and I have a big day planned tomorrow.

Later, when you tried to sleep, you just couldn’t. You were so used to Tom’s body next to yours, and his arms pulling you close for warmth. Gingerly, you tiptoed across the hall and slowly creaked open the door. There he was, sat up in his boxers, glasses perched high on his nose, reading a book.

“Hey,” you whispered, crawling into bed with him.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

You shook your head, “No, you?”

“Of course not,” he laughed. “Not without you here,” you pressed your lips to his jaw, hand running up his chest. “Ah, babe, your parents are one room away, I really don’t want to make a bad impression.”

You paused to pull yourself onto his lap.

“They wouldn’t wake up if a bomb went off overhead. C’mon,” you stared into those sky blue eyes and pressed your forehead against his. Every night since you had moved in together, you had slept pressed up next to each other, so not being in the same bed was a pretty excruciating challenge.

Tom gave you one long kiss.

“Be gone, tempest!”

Bob: Hey, Wade, there’s a sweet rifle right here…
Wade: oh, what kind of sweet rifle?
Bod: It’s a…it’s a m416! Weird though, there no ammo with it, I don’t know what happened…
Wade: hahahah m416?
Mark: heheheh!
Jack: I’m spectating! He’s lying!!
Bod: Shut up, man! Damn!
Jake/God: God’s Watching!
Wade/Bob: Wow!
Wade: Thanks god!
Bob: Wade I’ll-
Jack/God: Mark getcha hand out of your pants!
Mark: Noooo~ I want you to watch!
Bob: Mark, are you doing this one handed right now?
Mark: hell yea…
—  Absolutely No Help | Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Ep. 43 w/Mark, Wade, and Jack

Gordon looks more like Deadpool. Please let him be Deadpool!

Exclusive: Nicole Beharie has just been set to star opposite Michael Ealy and Jesse Williams in the re-imagining of the 1990 thriller Jacob’s Ladder’ for director David M. Rosenthal.

Nicole Beharie

Michael Ealy

Jesse Williams

The reboot is a modern-day paranoid action thriller about two brothers. David Rosenthal, who directed Ealy in “The Perfect Guy,” is set to direct.

Producers are Mickey Liddell, Pete Shilaimon and Jennifer Monroe at LD Entertainment; Alison Rosenzweig and Michael Gaeta of Gaeta/Rosenzweig Films; and Will Packer via his Will Packer Productions banner. Will Packer Productions’ James F. Lopez will executive produce.

The script was written by Jeff Buhler (“Pet Cemetery”) and Sarah Thorp (“The Bounty Hunter”). The project was originally sold as a pitch by Jake Wade Wall. Principal photography is set to begin mid-May.

The original “Jacob’s Ladder” was released in 1990 and directed by Adrian Lyne, written and produced by Bruce Joel Rubin and starred Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Peña and Danny Aiello. Robbins played the titular Jacob, a Vietnam veteran whose experiences prior to and during the war resulted in flashbacks and hallucinations that continued to haunt him.