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Here’s a video that’s a little different from what I usually do. It’s been on my mind for a while now about how Adventure Time has been treated on Cartoon Network. With Adventure Time ending next year and Cartoon Network’s 25th anniversary coming soon, I’m wondering if the network even cares about the show that helped start a resurgence of great modern cartoons. Adventure Time was once this big deal but now it seems like Cartoon Network just doesn’t care.

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Prank Wars

Pairing: Logan Paul x reader

Word Count: 481 words

Warnings: None really. If you’re afraid of the ocean, maybe don’t read it. x

Request: I know you just made a Logan Paul writing, but I was hoping you could do another one with him playing a prank on you. Like what he did to Ayla. Anonymous
A/N It’s been a while since I received this request and I’m not sure what prank you mean - let’s face it, there’s a lot of them. But I tried making it fun. Also, how do you spell Brennan name? Is it like that or am I far off?

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“Logan, are you kidding me?” you yell looking down at your suitcase. It’s your first day in Hawaii and you promised the other to teach them how to surf considering you grew up right next to the beach back in California. You’ve been surfing your whole life. But that doesn’t seem possible because your clothes are not in your suitcase. Instead, there are million of merch clothes. You’re all for being a Maverick but a girl needs her clothes. 

“Don’t you like the present? It’s a lifetime’s worth of Logan Paul merch,” he laughs high fiving Evan. 

“Does this mean I have no clothes of my own?” you ask a bit annoyed. Not the ideal way to start off your vacation. Logan puts his arms around and you involuntarily smile. You can never stay angry with Logan. 

“Your clothes are in my suitcase. I switch it before we left,” he whispers in your ear and you visibly relax. 

“Will you still teach me to surf?” he asks holding up the camera. You nod getting out Logan’s suitcase and changing into your bikini. It doesn’t take long to find a place that rents out surfboards so you start teaching them. Brennan is surprisingly good but Logan is about as elegant as a sea turtle. 

“I think it’s time to go in the water,” you say with a smile. The three boys head out but Chloe stays on the beach. 

“I think I’ll just watch,” she says getting ready to get a nice tan. You smile before running into the water. Brennan is already surfing though a little shaky. Logan is trying to get onto the board but you don’t spot Evan. 

“Logan, where’s Evan?” you ask paddling around with your arms while you lay on the board. You’re starting to get worried because these are some big waves and you need to know what you’re doing when you’re surfing in them. 

“He was here a second ago,” Logan replies looking around. This is when you start panicking. 

“Evan!” you call out. He’s like your brother and you’d never forgive yourself if anything happened to him. You call his name again but there’s no response. You dive trying to spot him but you can’t see him. 

“Logan, what the hell?” you say annoyed that he’s not as concerned as you. Suddenly Logan starts laughing and you kick off. 

“He’s your best friend, Logan. Why are you finding this funny?” you cry out and then Evan pops out of the water next to you. All the boys are laughing loudly as you realise that this is a prank.

“Are you joking?” you say looking around at the three of them, “I’m starting to get Chloe more and more.” You pout as Logan puts his arms around you. He’s so tall the water doesn’t even reach his chest. 

“You’re just too easy to prank, baby.”


There’s been some new Adventure Time episodes, so I thought I would give some quick thoughts about them. The episodes aired were: The Wild Hunt, Always BMO Closing, Son of Rap Bear, and Bonnibel Bubblegum.

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Emilio Martinez - Death Janga

**A/N: Hey people!! So first of all, you may notice I used very little Spanish in this and that is because I really didn’t want to mess it up and I hope you enjoy!

I walked into the Team10 House around 11 that night. As I walked through the door the first thing I saw was a huge jenga tower. “What are you guys doing?” I sighed as I closed the front door behind me. “Hey Katie! We’re playing giant jenga!” My best friend Emilio exclaimed. Me and Emilio have been best friends since him and his twin brother joined Team10. We have so much in common and we have a lot of fun together. I walked up and leaned against the wall next to Erika. “Hey girl!” Erika smiled and gave me a side hug. “Hey E.” I said and returned the hug. “Anthony, you’re up!” Jake said from the stairwell. As Anthony started his turn and decided which block to move, Emilio walked over and gave me a hug. “Hey princesa.” He said quietly. “Hey, darling.” I said, I rubbed his back and returned the hug. I can admit that I like Emilio, I’ve liked him for a very long time but he’s so amazing and fun that I assumed that he didn’t like me back.

We moved away from each other and he climbed up a couple steps as Anthony started moving the wooden wedge he chose. We all watched in intense anticipation as he removed the wooden piece. It became apparent to Jake and I immediately that this tower was going down. He tried to warn us but Anthony succeeded in removing the block. We all started cheering and screaming out of excitement, I watched Chance and Anthony chest bump out of the corner of my eye and I started laughing. But, then the tower started to tilt. Everyone started yelling and running away and Erika grabbed me and told me to run. But as that happened, I turned around and saw that Emilio hadn’t noticed the tower. It was about to fall right on his head and he didn’t see it!

On impulse, I lurched forward and wrapped my arms around him, dragged him away from the tower. That’s when the tower fell right where Emilio was just standing! We both panted heavily, as I wrapped Emilio into a tight hug. We fell to the floor in relief in our tight hug. A few seconds later, everyone snapped out of the shock and started yelling about how close the tower was to landing on Anthony but all i could feel was Emilio’s body next to mind and all i could think was how close i was to losing him. I couldn’t help but imagine what would’ve happened if i hadn’t grabbed him and dragged him out of the way. I didn’t like that thought, it made me hug him a little tighter. “I’m glad you’re okay” I whispered to Emilio. He nodded against my shoulder.

Everyone hadn’t taken notice of our position and had moved on. We both stood up and moved to the living room where everyone was sitting and trying to calm down. “You know what we should do? We should rewatch this frame by frame because I for one, would like to see this amazing dive that Anthony did to get out of the way.“Jake laughed. “Alright, lets go watch the tape from Kade’s camera.” I suggested. We all started moving to the office, my hand laced with Emilio’s to make sure we didn’t get separated again. If there was one thing for certain, I was never gonna let him go again. We all sat in front of the computer and began the tape. Jake and Chance were narrating Anthony’s fall and we were all laughing and having fun, and me and Emilio were still standing as close together as possible. As he was laughing, i stared up at him and thought about how lucky i was to have met him and how happy I am that I get to see him everyday.

“Hold on, hold on did you guys see that?” Anthony suddenly said. This called everyone’s attention back to the computer. “What is it?” Chance asked. “Kate saved Emilio” Anthony said, shocked. “What are you talking about?” Jake chimed in. “Yeah i know, we hugged just before the tower fell and it happened to move me out of the way.” Emilio shrugged. “No, that’s not what happened. Watch her, Emilio and Erika frame by frame, look at what she does” Anthony said as he rewinded the video. I didn’t want to relive that terrifying moment so I left the room quietly and returned to the living room. Then, frame by frame, everyone watched how I grabbed him and dragged him out of the way. I was just down the hall from the office so I heard everybody’s reactions as the video played. I heard a mumbled “Oh my god” from Erika, I assume. At that point, I walked up to my room so I couldn’t hear anymore.
Emilio’s POV:
As Anthony restarted the video i noticed Kate slip out of the room. I didn’t blame her, i didn’t really want to relive that moment either but i was curious to see the video again. Then, Anthony restarted it and we all watched Kate’s heroic action as she dragged me out of the way of the tower. When the tower hit the floor I heard Erika say “Oh my god” from next to me. Then the video ended and everyone looked at me to see my reaction. But I had no idea what to feel. My best friend and long time crush had just saved my life. And she wasn’t even in the room with me for me to thank. “Emilio?! What are you doing! Go talk to her, she just saved your life!!” Erika said excitedly while slightly shaking my shoulder. I looked and her and nodded quickly. Then I started quickly walking to her room with Erika and Jake, vlog camera in hand, following behind me.

“PRINCESA?!” I shouted as I searched the house for her. “In my room!!” she replied. I quickly jogged to her room and walked in to see her taking out her earrings. “Hey, what’d you need?” She smiled as she turned around. “You saved my life!” I said, still shocked. “What?” she said, a little confused. “You could’ve run off without me, but you didn’t. You turned around and put yourself back in danger. You did that for me.” I said quickly. She shrugged her shoulders and walked closer to me and out her hands on my shoulders. I tried to ignore the giddiness from her touching me to focus on my goal. “Of course i did.” She said simply

“I would do anything for you. If there was any chance of you being in danger, I would risk myself for you in a heartbeat.” I stared at her with my mouth slightly open as she put her hand on my cheek. “If anything ever happened to you, and I didn’t do anything to stop it. I could never live with myself.” She turned around to put the earrings away on her dresser. I considered right then to turn around and leave it at that but I couldn’t. For one thing, Erika and Jake (along with his vlog camera) were standing in the doorway and blocking me and also, I felt like if I didn’t tell her how I felt, I was gonna explode. “Well I guess that’s why I’m in love with you. Because you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met.” I finally stated, with a small smile. I saw her freeze. And even though the jenga tower almost killed me, this was still the most scared I had felt all night.

Kate’s POV:
I froze. Did i just hear him right? Was this a prank? I slowly turned around to look at his face. I looked into his eyes and all I saw was truth and vulnerability. I heard Erika’s let out a small, excited squeal but the only thing I could focus on was him. I started walking towards him with a smile growing on my face. “You’re in love with me?” I quietly asked. “I am. I have been for a really long time.” he said with a smile identical to mine. “Well I wish you would’ve said something sooner, I thought you didn’t love me back!” I said, pretending to be irritated. “Back? You love me too?!” He said excitedly. “Very very much.” I definitively stated. His smile widen and he immediately pulled me into a kiss.

Apparently, it’s very hard to kiss someone when you’re smiling and giggling but we made it work. We heard cheering from the doorway and we both turned to see almost the entire Team10 team cheering and smiling from the doorway. “Hey Jake, is that going in your vlog?” I asked with a smile while Emilio pulled me into a hug. “DAMN RIGHT IT IS!!” he yelled, everyone responding with a cheer. “Then you better tag me!!” I laughed. Jake turned the camera towards his face and said “Always plug ya’ll!!” which was met with another abundance of cheers. And as I stood there with Emilio hugging me and all of Team10 yelling excitedly, I felt happier then I’ve ever been.

**A/N: And that is the very sucky ending to the first (and probably last) imagine I’ve ever written. Remember to like and reblog and give credit if you repost!! Love, Grace ❤️

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Have you seen the Martinez twins? Man do they show each other love through their Instagram posts. There's only one problem: I don't speak Spanish and I hate subtitles haha. I love your blog btw :)

I am obsessed with the Martinez twins lol. They are the main reason I watch Jake Paul’s vlogs (but sadly they went back to Spain this week…). I honestly don’t get an incest vibe from them, but they do show each other a lot of affection which is super cute. 

Throwback to this beautiful moment <3 


i checked out the most recent jake paul vlog and as you can see, these guys treat the “team 10 house” like shit, plus his neighbors hate him, and i hope they’re able to kick him out of West Hollywood, i hate this punk

Jake Paul - Military

You’d met Jake when he was training to be a Navy Seal, way before he started YouTube.  You’d started dating right before graduation, and had been maintaining a long-distance relationship over the last two years.  He’d either fly over to you or fly you to him every couple months, so it wasn’t that bad.

You’d been keeping a secret from Jake, though.  You were getting off service early to go to school, and you’d been accepted at UCLA.  You’d called upon Jake’s older brother Logan to help you surprise him.

“You’re lucky I’m allowing this attire in my apartment,” Logan said, looking at your camo Jake Paul shirt.  You’d ordered it online and had it shipped to Logan’s apartment, because that’s where Jake was gonna meet you.

The plan was that Logan told him that he needed Jake for something in a video, so he’d tell him to come over.  And then when Jake got there, Kong would start a ruckus in Logan’s room, and Jake would be asked to take care of it while Logan set something up.  Then you’d sneak into the living room from the balcony, and Jake would find you when he came back in.  Simple.

You heard a knock on the door, and you got butterflies in your stomach.  You were so excited, and you ran to the balcony and quickly shut the curtain so you couldn’t be seen.

You waited a couple minutes until the balcony door opened, and Logan rushed you inside.  You smiled and stood in the center of the living room as Logan got his vlog camera ready, along with Jake’s, so he could film it.

Jake came back into the room a moment later, looking at his phone.  “Logan, how long is this gonna be?  Because I have a lot of meetings tomorrow and it’s pretty late.”  He looked up from his phone, and it slipped from his hands.  “y/n?”

You smiled at him and nodded.  “I’m coming home, Jake.”

He ran over to you and hugged you tightly, picking you up and spinning you around.  “How long are you here for?”

You hugged him tightly.  “I’m coming home.  I’m done with my service, I can stay here with you.”

He smiled.  “This is the best day ever.”  He put you down, still holding you in his arms, and turned to face his brother.  “I assume this was your plan for the vlog?”

Logan nodded.  “She asked me to help her out, I was more than happy to.”  He smiled at you and held out his hand.  “Thank you for your service.”

You smiled and shook his hand.  “My pleasure.  Though I must say, it’ll be good to live a normal life again, instead of a military life.  And it’ll be great to see Jake every day in person, not on FaceTime.”

Jake kissed your cheek and hugged you tighter.  “We’ll never have need for FaceTime again, because you’re never leaving my side.”  He hugged you again.  “I missed you, y/n.”

You smiled.  “I missed you too.”

He leaned forward and kissed you passionately, pulling you closer as you kissed him back.

Logan started clapping and smiled at the two of you.  He stepped in front of the cameras and said, “Logang, Jake Paulers, you witnessed something beautiful today.  You witnessed Jake being reunited with his love.  I think this is the end of the vlogs, because it’s late and I think these two wanna spend some time together.  So I’m Logan Paul, the merch link will be in the description for both videos, and I will see my Logangsters tomorrow.”  He turned off his camera, then handed Jake his vlog camera. 

You quickly stole it from his hands and pointed it at yourself.  “Sorry Jake Paulers, I’m stealing Jake for the night so there’s not gonna be any more for today.  But we’ll see you tomorrow because IT’S EVERY DAY, BRO!  PEACE!”  You turned off the camera, then turned to Jake, who had the biggest smile on his face.

“You were beautiful doing my outtro,” he said before pulling you into another kiss.

elijah daniel if i were a 20something attractive single & frisky gay boy (and you know what? sometimes, i wish) and we were hanging out and getting to know each other and you pulled down your drawers and JOHN WAYNE GACY CHICAGO’S PREMIER CHILD RAPIST AND MURDERER CLOWN was on your leg i would dive STRAIGHT out of jake paul’s vlogging cult mansion where i assume u live

Emilio Martinez Imagine

Emilio jumps off the roof and you’re really nervous he’s going to hurt himself (which he does) This is based off this video basically: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8JyPCLNrsk 

“Oh my god, I can’t believe he’s actually going to do this.” You heard Jake say. You look up from your phone, sitting up to come into view of the backyard that held almost every member of team 10. Your curiosity kicked in and you joined your roommates in the backyard. The sun was bright causing you to squint until your eyes had adjusted. You assesed the backyard. Emilio was across the pool jumping like he was a boxer warming up for a match. While Jake and Tessa vlogged it. Your eyebrows furrowed and you turned to Kade asking,

“what’s happening?”

Kade answered, “Emilios about to jump into the pool from the roof.” His face was a mixture of excitment, disbelief and uncertainty. You felt butterflies bubble up in your stomach. You were nervous he’d hurt himself which would just break your heart. You hated seeing people get hurt, especially someone like your crush. People started shuffling into the house to get on the roof to watch from above. With just Kade and Jake in the yard, Emilio started to head towards you and the door. You waited farther from Jake and Kade till Emilio was close. He was smiling ear to ear obviously excited to do this. You stepped closer to him subtly guarding him from going into the house.

“Emilio I don’t think this is a good idea,” you said worriedly. He took note of your seriousness and smiled at how cute you were being. He knew you were a worry wart and wanted to assure you it’d be fine. He grabbed your shoulders lowering his head to match your eye level.

“Andi, it’s going to be fine. I’ll be careful, I promise. Trust me,” he smiled, straightened  up and walked into the house and up the stairs. You watched as he dissapeared into Jakes room. You sighed turning to Kade and Jake noticing a weird look on their faces.

“What?” you said slowly, narrowing your eyes at the boys thinking they were about to prank you.

“Oh nothing. Just that you totally have a crush on Emilio,” Kade said smirking at you. You frowned embarressedly.

“No I don’t,” you denied, your cheeks burning crimson.

“Okay, Blushy McBlusherton,” Kade teased.

“Whatever, you’re delusional,” you said crossing your arms across your chest and looking up to see Emilio climbing up the ladder to the roof. Your cheeks stopped burning and the butterflies came back. You chewed on your bottom lip in anticipation. You heard the countdown and closed your eyes. It was too unbearable to watch. You heard the splash indicating he’d landed. You opened your eyes to see Emilio emerge from the water and teddy bears. You let out a breath of relief, thinking the was okay. Only to get that comfort ripped away from you realizing he wasn’t okay. He was gasping for air, clutching his back and chest. Jake helped him out of the pool and onto the floor chanting ‘breath’.

“Jesus Christ, I f*cking knew this would happen,” you mumbled under your breath rushing over to where he lay. He had his eyes closed, breathing heavy  with water drops coating his face and lips.

You kneeled down beside him, your hands on both sides of his body, caging him in saying, “Emilio? Emilio?” The second time more aggressive than the first. He groaned in response. You let your head hang, closing your eyes, taking a big breath and shaking your head. Relax. You flipping out will not help the situation. You thought. You bring your head back up to look at Emilio. “Are you okay?” you said quietly. He opened his eyes staring straight into yours. He knew you felt terrible and worried to the point of sickness, which mad him feel worse than he already did. His pretty blue eyes were apologetic.

“Yeah,” was all he could manage. But what he really wanted to say was how sorry and stupid he was. And how beautiful you looked above him. You pushed your body up straight resting your weight on your legs, your hands rest on your thighs and the heels of your feet pushed against your butt. You took a shaky breath, trying to calm yourself but you could still feel the adrenaline convulsing through your body. “I did it,” Emilio said, fist bumping Jake. You shook your head smiling.

“Almost killing yourself in the process,” you said more bitter than you had intended.

“Yikes, looks like someones in the doghouse,” Kade remarked from behind you. You snapped your head around giving him an icy glare. He put his hands up in fake surrender. You turned back around to see Emilio sat up and attempting to stand, Jake assisting him. You quickly got up to help him too. Emilios lip turned up the slightest seeing you weren’t exceptionally mad at him.

“You good?” Jake checked again. Emilio nodded giving a tight lipped smile. Jake and Kade went in the house as Ivan walked out. You took Ivans camera to film him hugging his twin brother. The moment being very vunreable and emotional. You were glad to be apart of it.

“I thought I was going to die,” You  overheard Emilio say. This caused your heart to ache. You could feel the emotions lump in your throat. Thankfully, Ivan took the camera giving a quick 'thank you’ before you started bawling behind the camera. You walked past Emilio towards the back left corner of the yard under the shade. Your back faced him so he couldn’t see you as you cried.

“Can I talk to her alone for a second,” You overheard. You quickly tried to wipe your tears and compose yourself, but as soon as he said your name, you couldn’t hold it and started to sob covering your eyes with both hands. He grabbed your shoudler turning you to face him and wrapped his arms around you tightly. Your hands were still pressed against your face and your forearms were against his chest. You took a deep breath pulling away from him. He extended his arms to allow you the space to wipe your eyes but kept his hands on your shoulders. You were sniffling and hiccuping like an unsatisfied child at the toy store. He slid his hands up your neck using his thumbs to push your head up to look at him.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I know you worry a lot. I’m stupid, I’m so stupid. Please don’t cry Andi.” He said with his cute accent. Now how could you not smile at that? How could he not smile at her? He pulled you into another hug, less apologetic and more comforting. You wrapped your arms around his neck this time, really soaking him up. And soaking you in the process. He pulled back slowly, the proximity of your faces near to nothing. Your eyes flicked to his red lips then back to his icy eyes. You’d felt slightly embarressed for being so obvious. That was until he’d stared at your lips too, before reconnecting with your eyes. He inched lower, closer to your face leaning his head to the right while you did the same. Then it happened, the world was black and all you could feel was his hands on your hips, and his lips, on your lips. They were cold from the pool, a chilling sensation that ironically warmed your body. The communication between your lips flowing perfectly as you moved in sync. You ran your hand up the back of his neck, to his wet hair. He pulled you into his body. You could feel his heart against you, pumping as hard as yours was. Every sensation heightened due to the lack of sight, which sparked all the more passion between the two of you.  In fact everything about the kiss created passion. It was as if your lips were producing it like a factory. You stepped up onto your tiptoes, slightly evening out the height difference. Emilio used that as an opportunity to have his hands “slip” past your waist. But you didn’t care, it caused you to want to deepen the kiss, swiping your tongue against his lip. Before he could even react you pulled away skimmimg your teeth against his plump bottom lip. Your eyes met again, your breaths heavy and uneven. A smile rose to Emilios now swollen lips. You looked down blushing then back at the boy in front of you. You slid your hands down his shoulders and arms to hold his hands, stepping back to stretch your arms. However, you quickly dropped them, and your smile, when a voice startled you. You instantly recognized it as Kade saying, “do I smell another wedding?”

He smirked walking towards you. You blushed pretending not to know what he was talking about. “Oh come one Andi, from the way I saw you two kissing, it looked like i’d be an uncle sooner, rather than later.” Your mouthed opened in shock as you hit him on the arm.

“Shut up Kade,” you huffed scrunching your lips and nose. Emilio kissed your nose, not allowing the blush to dissapear from your cheeks.

“How cute,” Kade gushed, in an awful voice to annoy you. You shot him a hard look as he laughed and walked back into the house.

“Why’d you do that? Now he’s never going to stop teasing me,” you said facing Emilio.

“Because your nose was cute like this,” he smiled, imitating your angry face.

“It’s not supposed to be cute. It’s supposed to be scary,” you pouted. Not literally.

“Okay, then it’s scary.” He said in that dang accent. How could one human be so cute? You nudged him, playfully rolling your eyes. His face turned serious as he said, “I’m really sorry.”

You smiled at the boy in front of you. “It’s okay, really. I think the adrenaline had got to me and I was just a little shaken up seeing you struggle for air. It’s good that I let it out though. I feel a lot better.” Emilio smiled wistfully. “And that kiss definetly helped,” you grinned, the atmosphere changing to playful and flirty.

“Yeah?”  he asked. You nodded with a loving smile, “OK. You want another one?”

You pretended to think about it before agreeing. Your lips connected again. They were warm this time. The kiss was fun , both of you smiling through it. You giggled pulling away. Emilio pecked your lips like a period after a sentence. Then the kissed your cheek, and your nose, and your chin, and your jaw, then back to your lips. You grinned like a little girl, loving how sweet he was. The rest of the day consisted of you massaging his back and cuddling…and kissing.

I hope you liked it, I enjoyed writing it and… yeah :)

ticklish // anthony trujillo

Pairing: Anthony Trujillo x reader

Warnings: swearing

Requested: by anon

Summary/Sentence: “Oh, are you ticklish?” - from prompt list

Word Count: 385

Written by: Jayde - @itrytobesocial 

not edited


The warm breeze flew through the bedroom window, filling the room with a warm temperature. You let your eyes flutter open. You brought your hands up to your face, letting your eyes adjust to the light shining through the window. You removed your hands from your face, turning your body to look at your peacefully sleeping boyfriend. His hair was messy, his lips slightly parted. In your opinion, Anthony looked post beautiful when he as asleep, though you’d never admit it. You sneakily grabbed your phone from the bedside table, opening up the camera up, and taking a sneaky picture of him.

“You know, when people say ‘take a picture, it’ll last longer’, they aren’t usually serious.” You moved your phone out of your face, a now awake Anthony staring back at you.

You let out a small giggle. “But you looked so pretty, I couldn’t resist myself.”

“Yeah, you couldn’t resist this sexy body.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows with a wide smile. You both let out a couple of laughs. You pushed a strand of hair out of your face, both you and Anthony admiring each other’s faces. Anthony let his hands travel down your arms then onto your hips, poking them a little. A ticklish sensation caused you to let out an unintentional giggle.

Oh, are you ticklish?” Anthony asked with a smile, poking at your sides again. You let out another giggle, using your arms to push his hands away.

“Maybe.” You replied, dragging out the ‘e’.

A smirk found its way onto Anthony’s face.

“Please, I beg.”

He began continuously poking at your sides, causing you to erupt into a fit of laughter. You squirmed in his grip, giggling and trying to push away his hands. Anthony trapped you in his arms, climbing on top of you and straddling your body, all while poking your sides.

“No, please, stop.” You managed to say through giggles.

“Tell me you love me.”

“I love you!” You shrieked through laughs.

The door flew open, revealing Chance and a vlogging Jake. Both you and Anthony turned your heads towards the door.

“Y’all fuckin?”

“Get out!” Anthony shouted.

“Smash, Tony!”

“Get out!” You both yelled.

The door slammed shut. Anthony looked back at you, the smirk still evident on his face.

“Now, where were we?”

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I really feel like Tessa is leaving soon. She's for really distancing herself. I feel like there might be a whole stunt between her and Chance that they broke up or something, causing more content and views for both Jake and Chance, and then she'll leave team 10. Idk this whole marriage thing seems like something to get views because it started, and also get views when it ends. I feel like when Tessa does leave, which is probably soon, she'll have to go out with a bang to satisfy Jake's vlog

Yo I’ve been sorta thinking the same, I just feel like Jake doesn’t really like her. Even in today’s vlog, he was sentimental with everyone, but then with her he was kinda annoyed because she wasn’t looking at the camera. And I feel like she doesn’t like him back because she can’t flirt with him, it doesn’t affect him. And her vlogs are getting so much hate, I’m sure Nick notices it and probably doesn’t like it. I don’t think she’s leaving soon, but I think she’ll be the next one to leave. Her “breaking up” with Chance and then leaving would be the perfect stunt, I almost wish it would happen. But “chessa” is still relatively new, so I think they’ll milk it for a few more weeks. 

I’ve also noticed that she seems like the unhappiest at the house. She spends all days in her room and she hasn’t really developed a real friendship with anyone (let’s be real, this bff thing with Erika isn’t real). Whenever they do cool stuff for the vlogs, she barely gets involved. I feel like she doesn’t really fit in anymore.

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Hey lovely! I didnt know if you were comfortable with this kind of comment being public or not so I figured tumblr was a safe bet to say that in Jakes latest vlog, I can really see your weightloss paying off! I know how it can seem like its going nowhere, but its not! Keep on doing what you're doin~

Thank you so much 💕 Yeahh generally, comments about weight loss and looking slimmer are definitely ok for me haha. Comments about looking bigger, whether meant in a negative or positive way, will make me want to set the commenter on fire 😂

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I know a lot of people on here don't like you talking about the Martinez twins but I honestly love your post about them as much as I love the ones about grethan! But anyway back to my question I might be kind of late but did you see Jake Paul's vlog when they did that prank on Chance by hiring a girl to act as if she liked him? Well when they were all squished together in the bed I found it a really cute and gay moment when one of the Martinez twins was laying on top of Anthony!

Emilio was completely on him, I remember cause I had to watch in slowmo to be sure I was seeing right. I love when the camera captures stuff like that.

Around 14:17.


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I’ve recently been on an Adventure Time kick, so I bought the LEGO Ideas set with Adventure Time characters! The characters included are Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, the Ice King, Gunter, Marceline and Lady Rainicorn. This is my first time doing anything like this, so it’s mostly just an experimental video.

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Hey guys please check out my YouTube channel I made with my friend! Like and subscribe it would mean a lot to me. I’ve always wanted to make a YouTube channel but I was always scared to do it because I was insecure what people thought but now I finally have the courage to do it and I found a great friend to do it with :)