jake vest

OOC: It’s been a hot minute….still in the midst of finals, but I’m just about done so this means I’ll be regularly updating and answering asks again. I didn’t mean to be on hiatus this long….but college can be tough sometimes.

ANYWAY, was talking with my Jake and we’d come up with the idea of talent swapping the survivors….I’m not sure if this is a thing already, but Florist Dwight seems like a cute idea I can’t pass this up. I’ve swapped the others as well, so I’ll be slowly adding them here and there as I get back into the swing of things. As always, thank each and every one of you for your endless patience. I can never thank you enough. <3

anonymous asked:

Also, imagine Sadie and Aurelio on the lake with Jake & David. In life vests.

He’d have the teeny tiniest life vest! Jake goes to a specialty daemon store to get an even littler one for Gecko. David and Aurelio both sideeye him when he produces it but lo, Gecko is wearing the wee wee life vest when they go out. Better safe than sorry.