jake tries to forget

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You can’t understand how much this made my day. Really, it was so shitty and then I see this, I love you all guys!!! ;u;

I’d NEVER thought this blog would reach so many followers in less than a year! Or even in THREE YEARS.

You know what this means? EVENT COMING SOON.


While that episode was painful, I couldn’t be happier with the development. Like Amy, Jake needs time. I think it’s obvious how they are showing Sophia to be the perfect girl for him… on paper. It’s the exact same thing they did with Amy and Teddy and look how that turned out. Jake made a legitimate effort to move on, as he should of.  

I love that Amy’s feelings are finally out there. and Jake won’t just forget, even if he tries. If he want’s to be with Amy (we know he does) it’s gonna be because it’s what he really wants, no matter how perfect Sophia seems to be for him.

I’m so excited to see where they take this.