jake the dog quote

Everything repeats over and over again, no one learns anything because no one lives long enough to see the pattern
—  Marceline, Adventure Time

AT season 8 starts Monday Jan 23 with a whole week of new episodes (Two-parter Monday at 7:30pm and Tues-Fri at 7:45pm). Islands premieres the following Monday Jan 30 to Thursday Feb 2 (7:30pm, 2 episodes each night)

  • Jake: I brought reinforcements.
  • Bubblegum: You brought Finn?
  • Jake: Um... no. I brought the next best thing.
  • Ice King: Hey!
  • Bubblegum: Ice King? You brought Ice King? The next best thing would have been Marceline!
  • Ice King: Normally, I'd be offended, but she is freakishly strong.