jake tanner


Hi I love the @drawfee squad, and I love the draw the squad memes. So I put them together and made these. I will make more but I wanted to post the ones I have so far. Hope you can figure out who is who(btw I’m the smol bean in the pink); I tried sticking with consistent outfits for most of them, and I hope everyone enjoys these. If not, I’m sorry.

The Legend of Porfo Warm Up Sketch


I was watching the twitch stream yesterday and I really liked Julia’s Porfo link. Also around that time, I got a shout out from the Drawfee crew. I’m so happy that you guys have enjoyed my pieces. At first I wasn’t too keen on putting my stuff online, but after following you guys for a long time, I finally worked up the courage. Thank you guys for all what you have done for me.