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Jake Gyllenhaal: The Fresh Air interview

On getting his first role as Billy Crystal’s son in City Slickers when he was 10:

“I remember I went to some sort of party with my parents and Billy Crystal was there and he saw me and he said, “Will he come in and read for this movie I have?” … I guess I must’ve been acting out — if you spent more time with me in real life you’d see I like to act out — and so I was making some fool out of myself. I think I remember what happened — he was leaving and I knew who he was and I picked up a chair from the table and I said, “Here, take this. This is your party favor.” That’s just me. It doesn’t make much sense, but he loved it and he thought it was really funny.”


Dear Mrs. Jennings,

I woke this morning to the sounds of a town finally at peace.  Months of Indian raids, army occupation, and a tragic epidemic have tested this community and left us weary.  As we go about putting those terrible events behind us, we must not forget those who are still grieving deeply.  How sad it would be if we missed our chance to step forward and tell those we love, just when they need us most, what is truly in our hearts.