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Homestuck Characters As Things Me And My Friends Have Said - Pt. 1!

John - When I was on holiday this little kid was going around singing the ghost busters theme and I have never been more proud of a stranger in my life.
Dave - My memes are ironic, my depression is chronic, hit me with a car.
Rose - I’m not just gay. I’m very fucking gay.
Jade - What are you? A fucking furry?
Jane - I love baking because that means I have control over what lives and what dies and I like that.
Dirk - At this point, I happily await the rule of our robot overlords.
Roxy - I picked up a water bottle today and started chugging it and I got about half the way through until I realised it was vodka.
Jake - Yes, I’m British! No, I don’t like tea! Please, fuck off and leave me alone!

And, as a little extra - Joey and Jude from Hiveswap!

Joey - I dance away from all of my problems.
Jude - Deny it all you want, but don’t blame me when aliens abduct you in your sleep and give you a probe up the ass!


i want to die


Jensen Ackles - Saturday Night Special NJcon 2017


jensen sings at nj con sns, with jason, fare thee well


(reminder that jensen has an actual brother & everything doesn’t revolve around snowflake 🙄)

the weight with jason, jake & louden swain

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Be More Chill Auditions

I’m organizing a Be More Chill fan recording. It will include all songs and dialogue while following the original script.

You can apply for any of the four roles:

Actor - act as one of the 10 character roles.

Artist - create cover art for the event.

Instrumentalist - help reproduce the instrumental backtracks.

Judge - score auditions to determine the final cast.

Anyone can audition / apply regardless of age or gender.

If you’re interested, the [application forms] (along with additional info) are on my profile. Please signal boost!


Jake? or Nathan?? or Whistler??? or maybe even the Espo 


jensen with jake, jason


rock paper scissors, poor jensen :(

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