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so what if for the next production at their school the bmc gang does little shop of horrors
- jeremy is seymour and audrey is christine + they have a Blast performing together tbh
-they keep coming up w fun stage directions and things!! theyre good pals
-jeremys part of suddenly seymour seems a little bit off for the first couple rehearsals?? but then christine tells him 2 sing it like hes singing to michael and then it gets a million times more genuine and christines just like 👀👀👀
-jeremy has to wear glasses as seymour nd michael Dies bc he looks so cute
-christine has a wig as audrey and everyone in the cast ends up trying it on @ some point
-jake plays oren and every time he has to stage slap christine he apologizes backstage afterwards
-rich does the voice for audrey 2 and for all of act 2 jake just watches him sing,,,hes a proud boyfriend
-brooke, chloe, and jenna are the urchins and they have so much fun matching their outfits and doing their makeup and stuff???
-michael is mr mushnik!!! and he’s having So Much Fun
-but there’s this one part in mushnik and sons where jeremy and michael have to tango and they can never get the choreography right bc they get super blushy
-after the last show everyone is hugging and laughing and crying a little bit and somehow jeremy ends up in michaels arms and he’s just like what the hell and he kisses michael
-and michaels brain just like….short circuits
-and jeremy gets rly nervous like what if he fucked up everything and michael doesnt like him back
-but then michael smiles and kisses him back!!!! and they start dating and everyone owes chloe $20 bc she said that they would start dating by the end of the show lmaooo

Be More Chill Senior Year, It Takes Two

“You need to learn how to control that thing better!”
“Excuse me? Freddy is not a thing, he is an iguana.”
“And he keeps peeing on all of my shit!”
“Well if you didn’t leave your shit everywhere-”
“It was on the table!” Play rehearsal was going to start any minute and Rich and Jake were still arguing. It was obvious that for as much as they loved each other they had some issues they needed to work out. Michael rolled his eyes instead looking at the unoccupied seat next to him wondering where Jeremy was.
“Hey Christine, did you see Jeremy today?”
“No, I think he’s sick again.”
“Weird I talked to him last night and sounded just fine.” As if to answer him the auditorium door swung open and in came Jeremy, not sick and looking like ass. If anything he looked better than he had all week. He made his way over to Michael before sitting down next to him.
“Someone got up on the right side of the bed.” Christine remarked looking at Jeremy.
“I’ll say, what happened to you man?”
“Just took a good night’s sleep I guess.”
‘And a bottle of Raspberry Mountain Dew.’
That was when Mr. Reyes finally entered the room, passing out the scripts as he went by.
“Listen up everybody, those are illegal photo copies so try and memorize your lines as soon as possible so that we don’t get caught.”
“Oh I’m sure you’d know all about not getting caught,” Christine smirked at the face Mr.Reyes made.
“Alright you little smart ass, everybody on stage for scene one! Except for you Jenna, as Junior stage manager you will be in charge of the sound system! That right now being my laptop.” The rest of clambered on stage.
“-you know what? Maybe we should sleep on separate beds tonight!”
“I think we should!”
“Rich, Jake save your relationship drama for later when I actually want to hear about it. Christine, Brooke and Chloe we’re going to start you off stage left and as soon as the music starts you will come on stage. Jake, we’re not going to need you for a while so go help Jenna.” Rich made a face at him and Jake flipped the bird as he walked down. “Rich, Michael you’ll be slightly stage, holding hands. I’m sure you can manage that. And Jeremy, our leading man you need to be front and center. Everyone got that?”
“No, no, no! You girls need to be coordinated! Christine you’re doing fine, you two need to keep up with her!” He rubbed his forehead before looking at his watch. “Would you look at that, time for a five minute break.” He left the stage allowing everyone to move from their positions.
Jeremy cracked his back from having to stand in the same place for too long. Turning he saw Rich and Michael talking, still holding hands.
‘Well don’t just stand there Romeo, move one leg and I’ll move the other.’ Instead when the SQUIP moved Jeremy’s leg the teen’s other foot did not cooperate making him yet again fall down face first.
“Jeremy, are you okay?” Looking up from the floor he saw Michael and Christine crowding around him.
“I, I’m fine I just-” He felt a shock pass through his body as he let out a yelp of pain.
“Oh man, that’s a pretty nasty bruise on your forehead maybe you should go down to the nurse for an icepack.”
“I don’t-”
“Michael why don’t you take him?”
“Really I’m fine-” Jeremy tried getting up but felt a wave of nausea passed him.
‘Take the chance while you have it.’
‘What chance?’ That’s when it hit Jeremy. The chance to be alone with Michael.
‘That’s right and with my help I might even be able get out a few words other than uh,er,eh or eee.’
‘I don’t say eee.’ Another shock passed through his body causing him to make a little “eee” sound. ‘Ow, since when can you shock me again? You weren’t able to do that last night.’
'Besides the point.’
“Uh Jer you okay?”
“He has that weird look on his face, maybe I should take him to the nurse.” Everyone’s attention however quickly diverted to Rich and Jake who were now screaming at each other.
“It’s not like I asked to live with you! You’re the one who brought it up in the first place!”
“Well you know what? Maybe I’m starting to regret that!” A heavy silence fell over the auditorium as Jake said that. Rich was terrified of going back home and only then did Jake realize what he said. “Oh my God, Rich I’m sorry-”
“Fuck you Jake. I pay for that hotel room just as much as you, I got a job to support us and this is what you have to say to me? It’s just as much of my home as it is yours! I’m not leaving but if all we’re going to do is argue all the time I don’t think we should date anymore.”
“Rich, I said I was-”
“We’re done Jake. I’ll take the couch.” Mr.Reyes came back in the auditorium at that moment holding a half eaten Hot Pocket confused by the scene in front of him. He leaned over to Jenna.
“What did I miss?”

FEMSLASH BOOK CHALLENGE: a trope you love dating sarah cooper by siera maley (friends to lovers and fake dating)

“I’m a better person. Before I fell for Katie, I thought the same way I’m sure plenty of you all do. I thought gay guys were shopping buddies and I thought gay girls had it easy. But I happen to know that my friend Jake hates shopping, and these past few months have been the hardest of my life. Being gay isn’t easy. Being bi isn’t easy. I wasn’t exactly loved by everyone before I came out, but I didn’t know that I could be hated by as many people as I’ve felt hated by since. And I didn’t do anything! I just loved another girl”

Be More Chill Senior Year, Little Shop of Horrors

“Hey Jer, are you feeling alright? Last night at the party you looked pretty freaked out and you’ve been acting weird all day.” The two were heading heading to the the first meeting of the year for drama club after a second day of nothing happening at school.
“Just tired, I think I got food poisoning or something.”
“That’s what happens when you aren’t prepared for Rich’s Unicorn Pizza.”
‘Is that what you kids are calling Rat Poison now a days? Because that’s what it tasted like.’
‘You can taste food now?’
‘One of the “perks” that comes with me being attached to your body. And of course I’m in control of the hand you use to masturbate with.’
‘It was just a scratch, I swear.’
‘There are not enough mm-hmms in the world to show how much I don’t believe you. I can’t shock you anymore but that doesn’t mean I won’t slap you.’ Jeremy sat down in next to Michael in the auditorium. Christine was already there sitting in front with Jenna excitedly rambling about this year’s production when they noticed the two.
“-and Michael!”
“No one cares.”
“That’s harsh Jenna.”
“You threw up on my shoes last night.”
“Yeah…sorry about that.”
“So what do you think the production is going to be this year? I’m hoping for a musical like West Side Story of maybe Fiddler on the Roof!”
“I’m not, that means we’ll have to sing. And I can’t sing.”
“Don’t be modest Jeremy, everyone in the locker room’s heard you,” Rich and Jake had appeared behind the group. Jeremy blushed trying to hide his embarrassment. “Seriously, I think you’re like the only guy in school that uses the showers.”
“Maybe that’s why he’s the only nice smelling one.”
‘You hear that? Michael thinks you smell nice.’ Chloe and Brooke entered followed closely by Mr.Reyes.
“Hello everyone, no new faces I see. Sad, yet expected and it saves me an introduction. Getting down to business the school has given us permission for a musical.”
“Yes!” Christine jumped up in joy.
“And that musical whether you like it or not is Little Shop of Horrors!”
“Yes!” Now it was Michael’s turn to jump for joy. He hated musicals with the one exception being The Little Shop of Horrors.
“Alright, we’ll start auditions tommorow. Now get out, the cheer team has the auditorium right after us and they hold seniority .”

BMC 50′s AU

this is also a callout to the BMC discord chat

This just a first draft and introduction to the AU, there is a LOT more
The Clique (Jeremy, Chloe, Brooke, and Jenna):
-Jeremy works at a soda shop with Chloe, it’s how they met and how he got into the clique
-Brooke works at a Carhop and is boss at roller skates
-Jenna doesn’t really have a job, she’s always busy with the school paper, but she’ll cover Jeremy’s shifts sometimes
-Chloe has a car and usually drives them everywhere

The Gang (Michael, Christine, Rich, and Jake):
-Michael works at an arcade
-He’s the one that fixes the machines and the jukebox
-Christine works at a candy shop
-Jake works at a record store (he always alerts Michael of new releases)
-Rich is a gas station attendant and he’s damn good at his job
-Michael and Jake have cars (Michael’s has a tendency to break down)
-Rich and Christine have motorbikes (Rich’s looks like it’s gonna fall apart)
-aro/ace mom friend Christine
-she can dead lift Rich
-basically the leader of the gang
-the boys are pretty sure she’s killed a man (of kindness or just in general)

-when the au starts, Jeremy and Michael have met before or at least know of each other
-but they actually start to notice the other
-michael finds every excuse to go to the soda shop
-“jake broke his legs? well guess i gotta get a milkshake!”
-michael just really wants to get to know jeremy
-he’s only like half crushing
-mainly just interested in this tall (adorable) boy
-jeremy starts to recognize michael as a regular at the soda shop
-he starts to memorize his order
-give him stuff on the house
-talk to him while he’s making stuff or cleaning
-and they become friends
-michael gets to know the other members of the clique when chloe is working, brooke stops by, and when jenna covers for jeremy
-Jeremy meets the gang because 2 loud obnoxious guys wasting the ketchup tends to draw attention.
-when he meets Chris he gets flustered cause she’s hella adorable and she’s so sweet and asks him questions about himself and it’s Chris.
-he’s also terrified of her cause he saw that time she decked Rich
-the groups don’t really merge much
-they’ve at least all been introduced
-jenna just knows all their shit
-but the girls do steal away christine sometimes and send jer with the gang
-this is how jeremy starts seeing michael outside of work and school
-also how he learns about rich and jake
-he knows they have dated girls before so he was a lil confused when he found out they were dating
-they aren’t obnoxiously open about their relationship in public
-but once they are hanging out at michael’s they start doing cutesie shit

To be continued

Peraltiago Headcanon #3

For @elsaclack because she’s amazing and doesn’t deserve to be sad
(Also I wrote this on mobile so sorry for any mistakes)
On Jake’s first day back at the nine-nine after prison, him and Amy are never not in the same room. At first, nobody notices. Considering that they’re partners (in both work and in life, as Jake keeps insisting) it’s not strange that they sit next to each other at briefings or during lunch. But when Amy doesn’t jump at the chance to accompany Holt on his trip to One Police Plaza, or when Jake doesn’t volunteer to be the primary on a candy store robbery, the rest of the squad starts to notice.
Other than their lack of enthusiasm in the morning briefing, nothing else really seems out-of-the-ordinary. That is until, Jake reluctantly goes to the bathroom and Amy stares blankly after him, or when Amy goes into Holt’s office to drop off a report and Jake can be seen staring daggers at the office’s closed door.
Nobody really thinks much of it (“They’re in love! Let them be close to each other” Charles squeals when Terry brings it up during a stakeout).
The next day is even weirder. Neither of them leaves their chairs for anything. It gets to the point where they ask Charles to bring them cups of coffee when he goes to get his lunch, or Jake asking Rosa to get him a file when she goes to the file room. Gina almost throws up (and it’s not morning sickness) when Amy asks Jake to sign something and they make heart eyes at each other as she passes him the file.
This goes on all day, and all week. It gets better as the month goes on, Amy going on stakeouts, Jake investigating ice cream shop robberies. But there’s still a little reluctance when they volunteer. They both share a look as if they’re checking with the other that it’s okay that they leave.
Nobody points it out to them, nobody brings it up. But it’s there, the little looks from Amy to Jake when he packs up his stuff for a stakeout, or the way he watches her when she leaves to go interview a witness.
Nobody brings it up, but it’s there. They’re both there.


Jake and Amir really was the best tho


We need a Jazekiel fanfiction with a siren.
One sneaks into the library and targets Ezekiel. Obviously it looks like a slightly taller off brand Stone and after chasing it away the group of course turn around and point it out.
Ezekiel denys any meaning behind the resemblance with arbitrary excuses like
- Jakes hair is way worse than the male sirens was
-The sirens plaid shirt was easily designer and Jakes are from thrift shops
-Yeah they both had blue eyes but Jakes are dark and the sirens were sky blue.
This continues for at least an hour before everyone just smirks and wanders off with knowing smiles.
Jake was just standing shocked and amused in the corner.

A week later the siren appears again and targets Jake.
They defeat it again.
They all expect Jake to argue like Ezekiel did, he just shrugs and says, ‘its pretty accurate.’
Ezekiel stammers an elegant, ‘huh ’
Jake bites back a laugh and replies, 'I hardly need a siren to tell me I like men.’
Ezekiel sighs in relief cause he isn’t mentioning the very obvious siren/thief resemblance, until Jake continues with, 'or you.’
Ezekiel falls off his chair and practically chokes on whatever junk food he was eating.
The others hover watching wishing they had popcorn.
Jake smirks, and wanders off with a knowing wink saying, 'I’m sure yours was just coincidence though.’
It takes Ezekiel less than ten seconds before he’s hopped up and taken off after Stone.
The others hear a dull thud, followed by Ezekiels high slightly squeaky voice going, 'you can’t just tell a bloke that, then vanish.’
There is silence, the others all peak round and start exchanging money as they see Jazekiel snogging.
Later on Jenkins hands the siren (looking like Charlene) a roll of bills, and thanks her for her help matchmaking.

How Would You Feel- Jake Guentzel x Reader

Anonymous said: Can I request a jake imagine to the song how would you feel by ed Sheeran!!💕

A/N: okay it’s basically taking you through moments in your relationship? so like first meeting, first date, few months later, few years later…… hope it makes sense and hope y’all like it! 

Warnings: none

Word Count: ~685

Originally posted by piesandpucks

You are the one girl
And you know that it’s true
I’m feeling younger
Every time that I’m alone with you

You met Jake at a coffee shop. Your favorite one in Pittsburgh. 

He came up to you as you sat at a table alone reading.

He cleared his throat and when you looked up and raised a brow at the tall blonde boy standing beside your table, he spoke. “Hi. I’m Jake. I’ve seen you here a few times and um, may I sit?” he stumbled through his words awkwardly and you smiled, already liking the cute stranger. 

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