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The Strilondes all working together at a tattoo and piercing shop. Dirk is absolutely covered in tattoos but he only trusts his family (mainly Roxy and Dave) to tattoo him and he cries every time. Roxy is the steriotypical female tattoo artist, yaknow long nails neon hair. Rose mainly does piercing and books appointments. Dave has no tattoos or piercings and everyone assumes he doesn’t work there.


What was supposed to be a few hours turned into an all-day excursion. After 5+ hours and countless excitedly crying fans, here are *le photos* from LANY’s L.A. pop-up shop.

so what if for the next production at their school the bmc gang does little shop of horrors
- jeremy is seymour and audrey is christine + they have a Blast performing together tbh
-they keep coming up w fun stage directions and things!! theyre good pals
-jeremys part of suddenly seymour seems a little bit off for the first couple rehearsals?? but then christine tells him 2 sing it like hes singing to michael and then it gets a million times more genuine and christines just like 👀👀👀
-jeremy has to wear glasses as seymour nd michael Dies bc he looks so cute
-christine has a wig as audrey and everyone in the cast ends up trying it on @ some point
-jake plays oren and every time he has to stage slap christine he apologizes backstage afterwards
-rich does the voice for audrey 2 and for all of act 2 jake just watches him sing,,,hes a proud boyfriend
-brooke, chloe, and jenna are the urchins and they have so much fun matching their outfits and doing their makeup and stuff???
-michael is mr mushnik!!! and he’s having So Much Fun
-but there’s this one part in mushnik and sons where jeremy and michael have to tango and they can never get the choreography right bc they get super blushy
-after the last show everyone is hugging and laughing and crying a little bit and somehow jeremy ends up in michaels arms and he’s just like what the hell and he kisses michael
-and michaels brain just like….short circuits
-and jeremy gets rly nervous like what if he fucked up everything and michael doesnt like him back
-but then michael smiles and kisses him back!!!! and they start dating and everyone owes chloe $20 bc she said that they would start dating by the end of the show lmaooo








THINK ABOUT IT - Mod Rich (edited pics) & Mod Brooke


For instance…

BMC 50′s AU

this is also a callout to the BMC discord chat

This just a first draft and introduction to the AU, there is a LOT more
The Clique (Jeremy, Chloe, Brooke, and Jenna):
-Jeremy works at a soda shop with Chloe, it’s how they met and how he got into the clique
-Brooke works at a Carhop and is boss at roller skates
-Jenna doesn’t really have a job, she’s always busy with the school paper, but she’ll cover Jeremy’s shifts sometimes
-Chloe has a car and usually drives them everywhere

The Gang (Michael, Christine, Rich, and Jake):
-Michael works at an arcade
-He’s the one that fixes the machines and the jukebox
-Christine works at a candy shop
-Jake works at a record store (he always alerts Michael of new releases)
-Rich is a gas station attendant and he’s damn good at his job
-Michael and Jake have cars (Michael’s has a tendency to break down)
-Rich and Christine have motorbikes (Rich’s looks like it’s gonna fall apart)
-aro/ace mom friend Christine
-she can dead lift Rich
-basically the leader of the gang
-the boys are pretty sure she’s killed a man (of kindness or just in general)

-when the au starts, Jeremy and Michael have met before or at least know of each other
-but they actually start to notice the other
-michael finds every excuse to go to the soda shop
-“jake broke his legs? well guess i gotta get a milkshake!”
-michael just really wants to get to know jeremy
-he’s only like half crushing
-mainly just interested in this tall (adorable) boy
-jeremy starts to recognize michael as a regular at the soda shop
-he starts to memorize his order
-give him stuff on the house
-talk to him while he’s making stuff or cleaning
-and they become friends
-michael gets to know the other members of the clique when chloe is working, brooke stops by, and when jenna covers for jeremy
-Jeremy meets the gang because 2 loud obnoxious guys wasting the ketchup tends to draw attention.
-when he meets Chris he gets flustered cause she’s hella adorable and she’s so sweet and asks him questions about himself and it’s Chris.
-he’s also terrified of her cause he saw that time she decked Rich
-the groups don’t really merge much
-they’ve at least all been introduced
-jenna just knows all their shit
-but the girls do steal away christine sometimes and send jer with the gang
-this is how jeremy starts seeing michael outside of work and school
-also how he learns about rich and jake
-he knows they have dated girls before so he was a lil confused when he found out they were dating
-they aren’t obnoxiously open about their relationship in public
-but once they are hanging out at michael’s they start doing cutesie shit

To be continued

Title: “Bad Coffee, Better Company”

Fandom: The Librarians (TNT series)

Notes: Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “Really Hannah, you’re stooping so low as a coffee shop au.” Now, just hear me out. These two were made for cute, stupid coffee shop au’s, and I will forever stand by this decision. 

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