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A Birthday Surprise - Jake x MC Fanfic

Summary/Prompt: From Anonymous: “Hiii!! I was wondering if you could do a JakexMC request where everyone notices that MC has been acting a little off lately and Diego accidentally mentions that it’s MC’s bday and MC doesn’t wanna celebrate it due to all the recent drama but Jake wants to do it anyway? Like he rallys Sean, Quinn, Raj, Craig and the others to make it so perfect, and it works, and when MC asks why they did all of this, everyone reveals it was Jake’s idea lol. Whaddya think? P.S. I love your blog!!❤❤❤”

Author’s Note: I had a lot of fun writing this. Thanks for the request, Anon. :)

“What’s with her?,” Jake asks, taking a seat beside Diego and Quinn. The group was having breakfast by the pool, everyone in a jovial mood because the morning breeze was extra cool. Everyone except for one.

Diego looks over his shoulder and sees MC on the hammock, reading a book. “Uh, well, you know her, she loves her alone time,” he says, voice squeaking a bit.

“Listen Pop Culture Petey,” Jake says, waving a fork at Diego. “Your voice goes all Mickey Mouse when you’re keeping something.“

“No, it doesn’t!,” Diego defends, his voice going up an octave. Jake raises an eyebrow at him. “Fine. I’ll tell you! She’s like this because she’s —“

“Hormonal?,” Quinn pipes up enthusiastically, cutting Diego off. Jake and Diego visibly cringe, making her laugh out loud. “You know what I mean! She gets super cranky and is on mega-introvert mode when she gets her per—“

Diego holds his hands up high. “Ew. Stop. It’s her birthday today, okay?”

Fork dropping, Jake gives Diego a pointed look. “And when were you going to tell us that?”

“Tell you what?,” Sean asks, placing a serving dish piled with hash browns on the group’s table. “Hash browns, anyone? Raj cooked up a ton.” He takes a seat beside Jake.

“I added some secret spices,” Raj boasts proudly, placing a hash brown on each one’s plate.  

Jake grabs a hash brown and stuffs it in his mouth. “Pretty good, Top Chef,” he munches, giving Raj a thumbs up sign. “Anyway, it’s MC’s birthday today. This guy over here,” he points at Diego, “didn’t even think of telling us.”

“I did!,” Diego squeaks, prompting Quinn to laugh heartily again. “She just didn’t want to bring it up because we’re all preoccupied with the secret island shiz.”

Jake looks over to MC, who had her back turned away from the group. He grins, then looks back at the group. “Here’s what we’re gonna do.”

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Danny: Thank god for that.

Ben: How DARE you


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