jake reedy



  Jake didn’t stop there. “So, the other ladies aren’t mature enough yet to know what they want. Want to discover what it’s like to be with a alpha male? You are the best looking one any ways.”

  “An…Alpha male?” Kesara seemed to consider it. “You are the first male? I don’t understand?”

  “What? Alpha! I am the dominant, I am the pack leader, get it?”

  “Ah! A pack leader like a dog then! I will pass on whatever you are offering!” Jake is having a really bad day it seems.

While a relative Newcomer to acting, Jack O'Brien brings amazing enthusiasm and versatility with him that truly makes him stand ahead of the pack. His down to earth, friendly attitude and commitment to any project he's on combined with his ability to transform into any role he's given ensures that this is one actor that deserves to be seen a lot more, and has already started to attract the attention of local filmmakers.

My recommendation given without me asking at all from Mr. Jake Reedy. Director of Tin God and LOYALTY. Tin God is selling on DVD Australia wide.

Guys. To get this recommendation, hell, to get recognition from someone I respect in the industry I love. Fuck that feels amazing.