I desperately wish they made more of the Jake/Puck storyline. They had so much more potential than what they were actually given, and by far was my favorite family-related relationship. I also would have loved if they had done a duet of “Black Betty” by Ram Jam and/or “Heaven Knows” by The Pretty Reckless.

I hated how the girls were acting when Jake wanted to perform Bobby Brown. So many singers have done terrible things, but released amazing music. This was the case for him performing Bobby. I think at this time, Jake was a nice guy, and I know he would not have thought about doing what Bobby has done. My prerogative is an amazing song, with a kickass beat, and I loved Jake’s performance.

I wish there was one final boys versus girls competition with all the glee club members from each season. Imagine having Jane, Rachel, Santana, Madison, Kitty, Mercedes and Tina taking lead vocals against the lead vocals of Roderick, Mason, Jake, Artie, Puck, Kurt and Joe.