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hello to all the choices fandom!

Hey guys!

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So i’ve been lurking for a loooong time and just decided to actually use this blog! I’ve been kinda nervous to pop in because everyone in the fandom is honestly hilarious, but I’m excited to actually start talking with you all! :)

i go by J, student in the pacific northwest (USA), love Jake Mckenzie (is it not obvious haha) and all things Endless Summer and The Freshman/The Sophomore. well actually I like all the books really haha. 

I love to talk about:

  • Jacob Lucas :)
  • namasiao
  • Madison & Becca!!
  • Michelle nguyen, a goddess
  • everyone from The Royal Romance!! especially Maxwell haha
  • Kenji & Grayson, its too hard to pick 
  • really I’m open to talk about anything Choices related!

So yeah haha that’s me! Can’t wait to get to know you all and stop hiding behind my lurker status lol. 

:((( e foda

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violetflipflops  asked:

1,2,3, and 6 for the ask. 🙂

Thanks for asking! 

1. What’s your favorite book?
The Crown and the Flame, Book 3

2. What’s your top 5 male characters?
Diavolos Nevrakis
Christopher Powell
Jake McKenzie
Grayson Prescott
Michael Harrison

3. What’s your top 5 female characters?
Kenna Rys
Olivia Nevrakis
Annelyse Addair
Michelle Nguyen
Zahra  Namazi

6. If you could rewrite any scene you want, which one would be?
I’d re-write the Luther death scene to acknowledge the (possible) romantic relationship between Kenna and Diavolos. While it’s a great scene, it would have been better if Diavolos could have thrown in a line about defending the woman he loved.