jake play though

Primaris Captain: 

*pulls up in a Repulsor*

“Check this out, Allied Xenos™! We’ve got grav-tanks, too!”



Of all the ungainly, wretched, hulking, NOISY-

*reminds herself that they’re trying to make nice with the overlarge blue-armored mon’keigh*

“…It suits you!”

  • Quinn: Wow, Zahra, that outfit looks amazing!
  • Zahra: Thanks.
  • Jake: I bet it looks even better on Craig's floor.
  • Quinn: ...
  • Zahra: ...
  • Craig: *to Jake* Are you hitting on Zahra... for me?

One time I was running a limited series game of Exalted (like three sessions telling one big standalone story), and in the process of the Plot happening, a major background NPC who had been prominent in a previous campaign as well as in the limited series was assassinated by one of the villains, you know, to make the villain look scarier without killing off a PC. Cue my friend Jef, about the newly deceased major NPC:

“He died the way he lived: offscreen.”

At this point my opinion on the Primaris dudes are largely positive, save some weaknesses in mobility (which will be fixed by vehicles and if you can deep-strike/infiltrate Inceptors and Reivers), close combat (which Reivers hopefully will make up for) and anti-horde (which hopefully Aggressors will make up for). 

I really hope the Aggressors come with flamer option for their gauntlets. I mean, I love the nod to Calgar’s old kit with the dakka gauntlets (aww, he made his dad proud!) but I want them to have double flamers to make charging them a Bad Time. And because what the Primaris seem to lack most so far is volume of fire/horde-clearing, and flamers are the best solution to that. Rolling to hit is for chumps. Maybe if the missiles are low-strength high-rate-of-fire, working like frag missiles do, that’d make the guns a good option even if they’re ‘only’ assault 4 or so. Would mean you could miss with a couple and still lay down effective anti-personnel fire.

Plasma Inceptors are either a FANTASTIC idea (operating kinda like deep striking melta land speeders or dreadnoughts, with short-range anti-vehicle) or a TERRIBLE idea given that they’re probably higher rate of fire than plasma incinerator hellblasters meaning more chances to roll Gets Hot!

The only thing that makes me sad is that I’m definitely not going to have the points to field all the Characters I want to. Because as completely fucking awesome as it would be to field Guilliman flanked by Captain Titus, Ancient Lepida, Epistolary Diomedes, couple Lieutenants, a Chaplain and an Apothecary, that… would be like your entire army’s worth of points. :p

…Should make for a suitably impressive display on my shelf, though!


Custom Play Arts figures of my Sister’s Shepards.

The pretty lady with the freckles is Mira Danger Shepard, her main.

The handsome dude with the chinbeard is Omar Shepard, her alt.