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For those fans who are still much ado about nothing..

To make this simple, to the point and as informative as possible. This is how it rolls out in regards to Black Veil Brides.

BVB is a business, it’s not just a bunch of dudes who make music and/or perform, it starts out that way but with success, it becomes a business. Andy and myself own the business of Black Veil Brides. There legally will be no BVB without the two of us. Therefore, I am not leaving, or considering leaving, or have left.
As Andy’s touring now doing his solo thing, i’m attending to my own personal life. Black Veil Brides is just not performing at this time, but the rest of everything that is the brand is fully functioning. Despite what fans say or someone’s dad or girlfriend or whoever, they don’t know what’s going on in the entirety and complexity of what is the brand of BVB.

The only news source for legitimacy that you should get your BVB info from is either our official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or either Andy and I. Other than that, if you don’t hear it from us or those sources then there’s nothing to gossip about.



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