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theaabrown  asked:

One thing I do like about the case is even though hockey is a fairly expensive sport, comparatively, to play, is that you deal with a range of economic backgrounds for the characters. Do you have a rough idea of where they sort of fit? I assume Anton would have had the most money growing up and Julien/Adam were at the other end of the spectrum with everyone else slotting in somewhere in between?

I’ve been thinking about doing a scale on them since Vinny commented on how he was almost self-conscious of his house next to Anton’s…McMansion? I was stuck on how to present it, though. Like a scale? Can I do a ‘Gabe and Stephen’ spot on that scale? Or just do upper, middle and lower class? But that’s so inadequate. Gabe’s middle class is very different from Jake’s. Pure income also doesn’t work, or even disposable income, because having one kid or four kids on the same income is obviously very different.

But this made me think of a scale that works: how the hockey expenses affected them financially.

Papa made that money back in like one minute of ice time:

  • Anton

Money wasn’t even a factor:

  • Andy
  • David
  • Harry

Hey, he wants to do it and we can afford it: 

(this is by far the most common for obvious reasons)

  • Dan
  • Gabe
  • Stephen
  • Ulf
  • Nikita
  • Liam
  • Alexei
  • Robbie
  • Roman

Okay, that bill hurt a little:

  • Marc
  • Sven
  • Gerard
  • Evan

Things might be little tight for awhile, but it’s okay, honey:

  • Luke (& Ben, but less so, because Luke starting in the NHL lessened that burden by the time Ben was hitting 12)
  • Derek
  • Georgie

Hockey money is replacing [vacation/new TV/Christmas presents, etc]

  • Jake
  • Vinny (had he not been a goalie he’d be in the category above)

Hockey was a gigantic expense and burden and outside help was needed:

  • Mike

Hockey was impossibly out of budget and without outside intervention there would have been no NHL career:

  • Julien
  • Adam

Celebrity Morphs by ThatNordicGuy
Part 1:

1. Emma Watson/ Kristen Stewart
2. Megan Fox/ Angelina Jolie
3. Matt Bomer/ Jake Gyllenhaal
4. Elizabeth Olsen/ Scarlett Johansson
5. Chris Pratt/ Patrick Wilson
6. Arnold Schwarzenegger/ Colin Farrell
7. Ethan Hawke/ Brad Pitt
8. Natalie Portman/ Keira Knightley
9. Jared Leto/ Heath Ledger
10. Jensen Ackles/ Tom Hiddleston