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Family Matters - Jake Miller Imagine

Requested by Anon: Ok so I don’t really know a whole lot a lot Jake miller but I’ll give this request a go. Could you do an imagine where Jake Miller and the reader have a family and the reader is pretty famous too. Maybe some family fluff. I hope this is ok.

Word Count: 3,260

Pairing: Jake Miller x Female Reader

Author’s Note: This is my first published Jake Miller imagine. It’s a little bit different than my Teen Wolf stuff but it’s still has the fluff and cute stuff I love to include in my stories. I hope y’all like it and don’t hesitate to leave some feedback on this.

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“Alright, Jake,” Jake heard his producer’s voice through his Dr. Dre’s Beats. “That was great. Let’s take a ten-minute break and then we’ll record the next verse.”

“Great. Thanks, Mick,” Jake took off his headphones and placed them on the music stand. He walked out of the recording booth and pulled out his phone to check his messages before sitting on the couch in the studio room.

Scooter padded his knee, causing Jake to look up at him. “Do you want anything from the kitchen?”

“Water would be great.”

“You got it, man.” Scooter walked out of the room with Mick, leaving Jake by himself.

He pressed the home button on his phone and saw he had a new text message with a photo from his wife, Y/N. He slid his thumb across the screen and opened the message. Before looking at the photo, he read the message first.

This is one of the few times I’m grateful for the paparazzi as I once again forgot my camera and my phone died. Wish you had been there to see it yourself. Miss you, babe. Xoxo

Jake clicked on the photo to enlarge it. Their youngest son, Oliver, was slowly walking away from his older brother, Hunter and towards Y/N. Their only daughter Sarah was in the back cheering for Oliver. He had finally learned how to walk by himself, and the thought of missing that milestone of Oliver’s life caused Jake’s heart to sink. 

“Damn it,” he whispered to himself.

He exited the Messages app and opened his calendar. He noticed today was his last day in the studio in LA for his new album. However, his press tour for his new tour would start the day after tomorrow. It’ll start in LA. Then Jake would have to travel to New York and Florida before finishing his four-day press tour. Then he’d have two days off to spend with his family before kicking off his tour in his hometown and spend the next 3 months on the road. He only had a 24-hour window and that was better than nothing.

Jake returned to his messages and responded back to his wife.

Sorry, I missed it, but I’ll be on the first flight home. See you soon, babe. Kiss the kids goodnight for me. -J

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For those of you who don’t know... Meet Jake Miller y’all!

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This cutie will be playing Cody Christian’s best friend in my new series. I can’t get enough of him and his music, I had to include him in the series as well.

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Can you imagine being in the same room as Cody and Jake working out?