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I finished the first chapter of my Brooklyn 99/It’s always sunny in Philadelphia cross over fic!

I love some bisexual Jake Peralta and I thought this would be a funny way of doing it!


hawekeye  asked:

alpha kid cross country road trips tho.


Roxy hosts an in car Pokemon tournament which really just boils down to Dirk squabbling with Roxy over exploiting unsportsmanlike strategies while Jake plays Pokemon Amie with, like, a level 6 bidoof or something.

Jane is the driver and gets really frazzled and Dirk’s super overcontrolling like, you can let me drive, you know, I really, really think you should let me drive, and she’s like, no no no buster I have it under control!!, and this goes on for several hours until Roxy makes them pull over and banishes both of them to the back seat while she drives and Jake takes shotgun.

Jake makes them stop in every crappy tourist trap and the rest of them are like, Jake, they are not going to have actual aliens on display. Jake please. Slow down. We can’t keep up. Jake. For the love of god. Please.

And one time they forget Jake at a mcdonalds in New Mexico and when they realize it and turn back and return to him two hours later he’s right where they left him and having an arm wrestling tournament in the middle of the dining room surrounded by about thirty people and he’s just like GUYS LOOK!! I MADE FRIENDS!!!!!


quick summary of an au: the squipped group all stays in theatre, + michael joins, as a unifying extracurricular and they put on dear evan hansen as their senior spring musical

more info if u wanna know more?

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Degrassi: The Next Generation Cast in the season one opening sequence


"Acquiring an education is about more than earning a diploma. It’s also about your friends, who have seen you in your worst moments.. and love you just the same. Unfortunately, one friend did not finish the journey. His name is James Tiberius Yorke. If JT’s death has taught me anything, it’s that the worst mistakes are the ones you never learn from. And also to never, ever take your friends for granted.”