jake letts

Here’s our July Lifestyle Icon, Jake Letts of the Philippine Volcanoes =)

He was every bit the gentleman when we picked him up from the hotel, and as we chatted in the car ride to the studio, and all throughout the shoot. 

Here are some interesting facts about Jake:

  1. He’s half-Australian, half-Filipino
  2. He loves Pinoy breakfast favorites like Tocino.
  3. He’s a Pisces.

Wanna know more about him? Grab a copy of our July UAAP-NCAA Issue, out now =)


nice…haha! gotta see these guys play soon! ♥

anonymous asked:

Dear admin, In behlaf of Metro Magazine and ABS-CBN Publishing, we would like to request you to take down the photo of Mr. Jake Letts in Metro Body 2014 (we can provide the specific link, if needed) for the unauthorize use of image under our copyright. We hope you can comply as soon as possible, or we will take appropriate actions. If you have any questions, you may email me at AYRoble@abs>dash<cbn>dot<com

How can you take this request seriously when they misspell “behlaf“ and misuse “unauthorize”?