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Did a callout on Twitter for wrestlers to doodle, and here they all are in one place and coloured up!

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Logan Paul Literally Made Me Cry. (And not only because this amazing being bought a beautiful house) It’s the fact that this man worked so hard probably throughout his whole life and he never gave up. “Become the master of your own destiny” “Don’t become a drone” “You can be whatever you want to be”
This amazing, talented, hard working, man is my role model. 💙🤘🖖

“Who are you guy’s going to rely on for content? JAKE?! AHAHAHA! NO!!” - Logan is my hero 😂

Jake Paul - Military

You’d met Jake when he was training to be a Navy Seal, way before he started YouTube.  You’d started dating right before graduation, and had been maintaining a long-distance relationship over the last two years.  He’d either fly over to you or fly you to him every couple months, so it wasn’t that bad.

You’d been keeping a secret from Jake, though.  You were getting off service early to go to school, and you’d been accepted at UCLA.  You’d called upon Jake’s older brother Logan to help you surprise him.

“You’re lucky I’m allowing this attire in my apartment,” Logan said, looking at your camo Jake Paul shirt.  You’d ordered it online and had it shipped to Logan’s apartment, because that’s where Jake was gonna meet you.

The plan was that Logan told him that he needed Jake for something in a video, so he’d tell him to come over.  And then when Jake got there, Kong would start a ruckus in Logan’s room, and Jake would be asked to take care of it while Logan set something up.  Then you’d sneak into the living room from the balcony, and Jake would find you when he came back in.  Simple.

You heard a knock on the door, and you got butterflies in your stomach.  You were so excited, and you ran to the balcony and quickly shut the curtain so you couldn’t be seen.

You waited a couple minutes until the balcony door opened, and Logan rushed you inside.  You smiled and stood in the center of the living room as Logan got his vlog camera ready, along with Jake’s, so he could film it.

Jake came back into the room a moment later, looking at his phone.  “Logan, how long is this gonna be?  Because I have a lot of meetings tomorrow and it’s pretty late.”  He looked up from his phone, and it slipped from his hands.  “y/n?”

You smiled at him and nodded.  “I’m coming home, Jake.”

He ran over to you and hugged you tightly, picking you up and spinning you around.  “How long are you here for?”

You hugged him tightly.  “I’m coming home.  I’m done with my service, I can stay here with you.”

He smiled.  “This is the best day ever.”  He put you down, still holding you in his arms, and turned to face his brother.  “I assume this was your plan for the vlog?”

Logan nodded.  “She asked me to help her out, I was more than happy to.”  He smiled at you and held out his hand.  “Thank you for your service.”

You smiled and shook his hand.  “My pleasure.  Though I must say, it’ll be good to live a normal life again, instead of a military life.  And it’ll be great to see Jake every day in person, not on FaceTime.”

Jake kissed your cheek and hugged you tighter.  “We’ll never have need for FaceTime again, because you’re never leaving my side.”  He hugged you again.  “I missed you, y/n.”

You smiled.  “I missed you too.”

He leaned forward and kissed you passionately, pulling you closer as you kissed him back.

Logan started clapping and smiled at the two of you.  He stepped in front of the cameras and said, “Logang, Jake Paulers, you witnessed something beautiful today.  You witnessed Jake being reunited with his love.  I think this is the end of the vlogs, because it’s late and I think these two wanna spend some time together.  So I’m Logan Paul, the merch link will be in the description for both videos, and I will see my Logangsters tomorrow.”  He turned off his camera, then handed Jake his vlog camera. 

You quickly stole it from his hands and pointed it at yourself.  “Sorry Jake Paulers, I’m stealing Jake for the night so there’s not gonna be any more for today.  But we’ll see you tomorrow because IT’S EVERY DAY, BRO!  PEACE!”  You turned off the camera, then turned to Jake, who had the biggest smile on his face.

“You were beautiful doing my outtro,” he said before pulling you into another kiss.


Some handmade valentines for the ones HBS loves the most. <3

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This is Jake, he is very happy and needs extra special toys because he can chew through even normal kongs. Jake is very excited to meet new doggo friends but doesn’t have good manners around them, he hopes you will still play with him while he learns good doggo manners!