jake kong

Did a callout on Twitter for wrestlers to doodle, and here they all are in one place and coloured up!

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Some handmade valentines for the ones HBS loves the most. <3

We’re in the last couple days of the Shadowrun Hong Kong Kickstarter– have you backed yet? 



This is Jake, he is very happy and needs extra special toys because he can chew through even normal kongs. Jake is very excited to meet new doggo friends but doesn’t have good manners around them, he hopes you will still play with him while he learns good doggo manners!


Jason Saint Gets Knocked Down (over and over)
[November 29th, 2015]

Professional wrestling manager and #Horrorshow leader Jason Saint has put himself in harm’s way numerous times. Sometimes, to help his clients secure a victory. Others, Saint simply gets into the ring and handles business himself. This is a highlight video of Saint getting answered to by the likes of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Abyss, Simon Dean/Nova, Kevin Sullivan, Kongo Kong, Sugar Dunkerton, “Mean” Mitch Page, Rob Conway, Corporal Robinson, Dash Venture, Hy Zaya, Shane Mercer, Paredyse, “Beautiful” Bret Havoc, Tripp Cassidy, Josh Crane, Lexxi Green, JC Rotten, John Wayne Murdoch, Ace Perry, Ian Rotten, Reed Bentley, Vaderbomb, and many more!