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Thanks, Coug. I owe ya a cold one.

Imagine talking to Noah about his obsession with serial killers, and how you think that somehow he admires them

*You are talking to Noah about slasher movies, he is recommending, some for you to watch alone. You notice that he talks very passionately about the serial killers, in the movies.*

Y/N: You know the way you talk about the serial killers, it is almost like you admire them or you’re obsessed with them.

Noah: Well, you know Y/N some guys like sports. I like serial killers.

Y/N: You are so weird, Noah. But, anyway I never really liked jocks.

Noah: Good to hear that. How about socially awkward guys, who are obsessed with serial killers?

Y/N: They are kind of growing on me.

*Noah smiles and you smile too.*

Ps: not my gif