jake holley

People need to show more respect on here and other blogs

I wasn’t going to mention anything or respond, but I feel the need to because there have been a couple of comments on here that made me really angry. First of all, ALL of Black Veil Brides and their crew were very close to Chris Holley, also having known him before he even worked for them as he was part of the Asking Alexandria crew. He was their friend before touring with BVB, so to say that Ashley wasn’t close to him is total bullshit. They were good friends. Chris was an awesome guy, I met him myself several times and I confess I spoke to him just days before he passed and I am STILL UPSET about it. Doesn’t matter whether you don’t know somebody that well, when somebody so young dies so suddenly and in those kinds of circumstances, it’s really upsetting.

RESPECT to Biersack for wearing Chris’s ashes, and to any of the other guys for doing the same and for the dedication last night at APMAs. CHRIS HOLLEY FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS.

Submission: Agreed 100% people, especially ‘fans’ need to lay the fuck off them for wanting to honor their friend. He wasn’t even 30 years old and it was sudden that’s the type of thing that changes people and makes you reevaluate what’s important in your life.