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ok but the little breath jake has to take after the For Real kiss in the evidence locker in Johnny and Dora like he's only just remembering he needs to but staying as close to amy as possible do you agree

an iconic moment,,,,,,,the exact second pure love was invented,,,and when his whole face was full of wonder and he opened his mouth like he was on the verge of confessing his undying love right then and there,,,,,,,,,,,legendary,,,,,,the stuff dreams are made of,,,,,,,true beauty,

It kinda blows my mind

That there are fans of the show out there who are legitimately upset about Jake’s “death.” Seriously, just take a gander at Facebook. It’s hilarious and mindbogglingly to me. But more than that, it actually annoys the shit out of me that ABC publicity/Scandal social media is on the one hand implying that Jake is dead while AT THE SAME DAMN TIME releasing images of him seemingly alive in non flashback form. How does that work?! 

It’s so stupid. And it’s going to make the reveal that he is, in fact, alive even less effective because 1) SPOILERS, 2) unless his body is made out of fucking Kevlar, it’s barely even possible that he would survive those Emeril Lagasse style chops Russell administered, and 3) what is the point of Jake in the first place?

And to be honest, the fact that there are so many people who think that only Olitz shippers want Jake dead is even more ludicrous to me. I hate to be redundant. I truly do, especially when so many people, including myself, have pointed it out already. But it should be reiterated that Jake barely services the show in any meaningful way. I say barely because clearly Scandal wants to make B613 happen. So as long as that is a thing, he’s not entirely futile. 

But let’s imagine, let’s be optimistic, and assume that B613 is finally over at the end of the season, WHAT COULD JAKE’S ROLE POSSIBLY ENTAIL? He is completely useless! I can find more things to do with a floppy disc than what Jake could do for Scandal. How could you possibly be upset that he would be gone? What does he add to the show? How does he service the plot?  What is the value of having a character who could sit out for like five episodes in a row and still warrant a series regular role? Jake was useful in season two, season three, and arguably the former half of season four. BUT NOW, you have got to be on some local anesthesia, post wisdom teeth levels of delirium to think that he is a vital part of the show. I can make a very compelling case for Mellie, Quinn, Huck, and David, even when they have only have two, throw-away lines for comedic relief. BUT FUCKING JAKE?????? PLEASE BATMAN, RIDDLE ME THIS: NAME A SINGLE ARGUMENT FOR KEEPING JAKE AROUND. For the life of me, I can’t think of one. 

If they found something for Jake to do, I would be here for it. Though to be honest, I am hard pressed to think of any interesting things for him to do. He could work at OPA, but what discernible talents and characteristics does he have that Huck doesn’t, except for self-control? We already have Huck for the clutch deus ex machina, so I don’t see the point in keeping both in this regard. Also, super weird working for your ex. But is he her ex? Who knows at this point! He could retain his role as Olivia’s love interest. I’m actually not opposed to this IF IT WERE EVEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT CLEAR THAT OLIVIA WAS REMOTELY INTERESTED IN HAVING A SERIOUS, LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. But it’s not. If Jake were the boyfriend we saw every few episodes, and Olivia seemed happy him, I would be down for this.But this whole love hexagon we’ve been building for two and a half seasons is overdosing on Melatonin tired. Olivia could choose to stand in the sun, stand in the shade, stand by me, or stand for holiness and righteous, so long as she made a decision. IDGAF. But how we’re supposed to believe any of Olivia’s relationship  are legit when she’s wearing another man’s French heirloom on her finger, is beyond me. 

So until they find something else for Jake to do, I don’t understand why people are even remotely bothered by the idea of him being dead. I’m willing to explore and eager to learn a different perspective, even if it forgoes sound logic. I’m just so utterly clueless, anything will help.

And to be clear, I just mean from a story perspective. I don’t give two shits about Scott Foley because I don’t know him personally. But I’m very curious to understand how in the hell anyone could find his character essential for their viewing pleasure.