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Uma negociante de arte recebe um manuscrito do ex, escritor, e é profundamente tocada pela tragédia familiar narrada na obra.


Reasons why I’m 110% sure the character design for Yuri Plisetsky was based off the character Chris Moreno from “Demolition” (played by actor Judah Lewis):

—They look, like, the same.
—They are the same age.
—They have the same body shape (not even a little exaggerating.)
—They’re both angry, troubled children.
—Chris’s mom explains him as a kid who “is 15, looks 12, and acts 21,” and I think it’s safe to say Yuri is the same.
—They both seem to really enjoy big cat prints (jackets, scarves, shoes.)
—Chris is femme gay (and let’s be honest, so is Yuri.)
—Same haircut.
—Same eyes.
—Like seriously it’s uncanny.

Be sure to check out “Demolition”; starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts, and Judah Lewis!