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Anyway I hope Jake Gyllenhaal wins best actor in a leading role tonight for his phenomenal performance as Detective Loki in Prisoners (2013) directed by Denis Villeneuve. Truly an outstanding performance he really deserves it

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Dude. You have Jake Gyllenhaals's eyebrows, Prince Eric's hair, and Jack Fallahee's beard. AND you're a killer Flynn. Long story short - your face : wow.

what the hell is a jack fallahee

Some thoughts about the new revival of Sunday in the Park with George
  • Jake Gyllenhaal can sing surprisingly well. I thought his George was a bit too angry at times though, such as during the opening scene when he instructs Dot to stop moving. Mandy Patinkin’s George was firm and direct without coming off as mean. Gyllenhaal’s George felt mean at times. 
  • Speaking of the opening number, I was pleased that Dot’s dress didn’t come alive and open like a clam to let her escape like in the original production. Bernadette’s dress always reminded me of an empty cicada skin you’d find attached to a tree. 
  • I’ve seen a handful of productions of Sunday, both live and recorded, and this was definitely the best Act 2 I’ve ever seen. I dare say it was better than Act 1… Or at least it didn’t feel as disjointed as Act 1, which I know is unfair since the entire point is that every scene takes place on a different Sunday afternoon. But still. 
  • The Chromolume was awesome. I wanted an encore.
  • I usually find projections to be gimmicky and distracting, but these projections were actually very nice and subtle. 
  • I wish the orchestra were bigger (this also applies to 98% of Broadway musicals in the last 15 years)