jake foushee

why does he always sleep like he just wants to hug someone


Johnson babe you can hug me

these are the moments when I know he’s still that 15 year old boy serenading cameron dallas




These are all Shawn Mendes Fan Fics.

You should totally still read them because when I read fan fic and it isn’t my fav, i just change the name and any other things about appearance.


The Boy in the Bookstore

Part 1: Meeting Shawn 

Part 2: The Cutest Text 

Part 3: The Date 

Part 4: After the Date 

Leaving for Tour


Meeting his Parents


Kid in Love


The Magcon Fight

Part 1: What Was He Thinking?! 

Part 2: Forgiving Shawn 

Part 3: Friends Again 

Shawn Teaching You Guitar


Falling on his Skateboard


When Shawn is on Tour


Baking with Shawn


Him Comforting You When You Have A Nightmare


Supernatural Shawn

Part 1: Defeating the Bad Guy 

Part 2: His Powers  

Part 3: Meeting His Friends 

Part 4: The Nightmare  

Part 5: We Have Been Best Friends Forever…  

Shawn Bringing You On Stage 


He Hears You Playing His Song


A Day With Shawn

Part 1: Spending The Night 

Part 2: The Next Morning 

Shopping With Shawn 


He Treats You Like A Princess

(coming soon)


You annoying Shawn by texting him with his songs. 

Cuddle Me!! 

Shawn knows you’re stressed so he sends you a cute text for when you wake up 

You steal his favourite hoodie 


I will keep updating this as I post more!