jake foushee

these are the moments when I know he’s still that 15 year old boy serenading cameron dallas

Aaron Carpenter

Everyone, keep Aaron and the Carpenter family in your prayers, please!

His step-father had just passed away this morning, not only that but in May, his step-brother had just died also.

Aaron is the best guy you will ever met in your life. There is not 1 evil thing in his body, he’s the most sweetest man you will ever have in your life.

If anything, the should have more people like Aaron in this world.

He’s a special guy, and you can’t find many people like him.

We all love you Aaron, and everything will all be okay!




why does he always sleep like he just wants to hug someone


Johnson babe you can hug me

Hayes: “she’s here ! You guys act natural.. Ill do the talking..”

*being normal*

You run away 😂 he chases you though {Matt got verified

Birthday boy and without a doubt one of my favorite people in the world 😌 So talented, so sweet, sincere, wise, genuine, creative and a passionate soul 💙