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Clexa Social Media AU| Since Clarke came out, Jake has been sending her pictures of random girls and trying to get Clarke to date them, When Clarke finally has enough she tries to find help on facebook, but turns out someone who this girl was…

Hope you like it! I think I’m addicted to making these now… :P
Anyway,this is for @justputmeinthetrashwiththeothers and it was inspired by this post!


I woulda given you the news but, y’know, you kinda made it clear you didn’t want to hear from me, so . . . 

“this picture isn’t relevant to what I want to talk about but to be fair when are they ever lol. But please read closely.
I have a friend called Jake Sidwell. We met in Nashville due to our mutual pal tessa who realised we had the same mental health condition as we both described the sensation of fading away to her in different ways. We folded tshirts together for tour and gushed to each other about how horrible it was to walk into a brightly lit supermarket, or how bad our memory was nowadays and how difficult it was to explain to anyone else. He was the first person I’d ever met who felt the same as I did and it was so, so incredible and comforting to know that I wasn’t alone. We text each other now and again to fill each other in on how our brains are doing and tips we’ve learned to help.

Since tour last year, Jake was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease, which explained the depersonalisation. I sent him well wishes and we chatted a bit about it, but I’ve been super busy recently so I haven’t checked in with Jake as much as I’d like.

Jake posted an update video the other day, of himself on a bad day. It was terrifying.

I am shocked and scared, but mostly, I am angry. I am angry at the world for not taking mental illnesses as seriously as others; for all the chronic pain sufferers who aren’t being heard or believed, to the people like me who on my bad days have sobbed down the phone to multiple doctors, begging for an answer and instead getting scepticism and feeling patronised.
If anyone knows a way to help Jake, please leave a comment - you can watch his video on his channel, it’s called “I’m still here”. If you know stories of people recovering, please share those too!

If you know nothing about Lyme, all I can ask is that when someone tells you they are in pain, you listen, and you believe them. I am not really a religious person, but Jake has asked for prayers. I asked god to look after Jake, and I know he would like it if you would too