jake bugg chicago

messed up kids; a mix for the gallagher kids, because nobody fucks with ‘em [listen]

for the family

01. dear mr. president / fitz & the tantrums 02. messed up kids / jake bugg 03. neighborhood #3 (power out) / arcade fire 04. paper planes / MIA 05. champagne from a paper cup / death cab for cutie 06. ain’t no rest for the wicked / cage the elephant 07. pursuit of happiness / Kid Cudi (ft. MGMT & Ratatat) 08. born to run / bruce springsteen 09. to build a home / cinematic orchestra 10. talkin’ bout a revolution / tracy chapman 

for fiona 

01. homewrecker / marina & the diamonds 02. against the grain / city and colour 03. fast car / tracy chapman

for lip 

01. the anthem / good charolette 02. two fingers / jake bugg 03. chicago is so two years ago / fall out boy 

for ian 

01. battle born / the killers 02. solo dolo (nightmare) / kid cudi 03. GfC / albert hammond jr. 

for debbie 

01. the king of carrot flowers pt. 1 / neutral milk hotel 02. i’m just a kid / simple plan 

for carl 

01. thidkidisnotalright / AWOLNATION 02. young volcanoes / fall out boy 

for liam 

01. we’re going to be friends / the white stripes 


Well I finally saw Jake Bugg tonight! He was freakin’ amazing, and I actually liked the opening act, honeyhoney, quite a bit too. I got a shirt afterwards, probably because I regret not getting one when I saw Paul McCartney. The new songs that Jake played were amazing, and if they are on his new album, I have to say that there is a good chance it will be better than his first. Song About Love is probably my new favorite song of his! (Sadly he didn’t play my other favorite of his, Saffron :( Oh well, you can’t get everything!)