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THE 10-YEAR HOODIE: Built for Life, Backed for a Decade


Meet Flint And Tinder

One brand is taking internet fundraising to a whole new level while developing trust and a promise with their customers, even before the product is produced. I sat down with Jake Bronstein to get know his revolutionary fashion start-up.

Nestled down in Chinatown is a quaint office that Jake Bronstein and his team work out of. From what I could see, the four person team manages Flint And Tinder, a mens basics brand with a promise for changing what they offer to their customers.

That promise is the 10-Year Hoodie. This all started out as a simple Kickstarter project and has quickly gone viral, with over $800,000 raised. With the 10-Year Hoodie, if anything happens to it, from fraying to rips, in the first 10 years since purchase you can send it back to Flint And Tinder and they will mend it, free of charge.

But why would they do that?

“It starts when the Flint and Tinder team overheard a conversation in a factory we were visiting. Someone was talking about using coarse thread with delicate fabric. Doing this accelerates the process of wearing holes into a garment as it goes through the dryer time and time again. 

It’s a common trick of the trade. It’s one of several techniques companies secretly use to ensure that if you like what you’ve bought, you’ll be forced to replace it soon.

In the manufacturing industry, this is known as planned obsolescence.” (via their Kickstarter page)

Flint And Tinder is here to change the game. Jake has plans, big plans. “Ralph Lauren took 40 years to become that well rounded [as a lifestyle brand] and I think with the internet you can probably do that in four. And I think it is possible. In that category, a lot of people have said that the next big lifestyle brand will come from the internet.”

With an amazing concept and revolutionary way of doing business (which, at the of the day, you would think every brand would offer you this level quality and promise) Flint And Tinder is definitely making a name for itself and I can’t wait to see them grow and grow.

Special: See the 10-Year Hoodie in action here!