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Transgender power couple announce their engagement
Captain Hannah Winterbourne, 30, who first made headlines after becoming Britain's highest ranking soldier, has been dating transgender filmmaker and Hollywood actor Jake Graf

They have been dubbed a transgender ‘power couple’ and now Captain Hannah Winterbourne and Jake Graf are cementing their relationship after announcing their engagement. The pair revealed on ITV’s Lorraine today that Jake had popped the question earlier this month while on a holiday in New York and plan to get married next summer. Hannah who joined the Army as a man, came out as transgender and started transitioning four years ago after a tour to Afghanistan. Hannah, 30, first made headlines after she became Britain’s highest-ranking transgender soldier. She began dating transgender filmmaker Jake, who starred alongside Eddie Redmayne in the Hollywood film The Danish Girl, a few years ago. They both hope to continue inspiring other trans people on their path to love and have vowed to have a family together and over come any complications they may face. 'Surrogacy is probably the way for us. But I think we wouldn’t be happy without kids. It’s not going to be that easy for us but we will find a way,’ Jake, who began his transition a decade ago, said. Jake, who had asked Hannah’s father for permission to ask for her hand in marriage, said he got down on one knee in a rowing boat as Hannah cried. 'It was one of the most nerve-wracking things. 'I’ve never felt nervous in front of her before, it took me a good two hours of rowing around before I plucked up the courage to get down on one knee.’ Hannah said she was overwhelmed with emotion adding she would remember the romantic moment forever. Hannah first appeared on Lorraine back in 2015 where she opened up about her transition and Jake has followed in his fiance’s footsteps visiting the show this summer to talk about making films to shine a light on transgender issues. The pair have worked tirelessly together campaigning for the LGBTQ community…

I’m Not in Love, Actually Playlist

because we’re in England & I sobbed my way through “Love Actually” at 5 am this morning as I battled jet-lag 

Hiding Tonight by Alex Turner 

Something Wrong by Jake Bugg 

Parklife  by Blur 

The Animals Were Gone by Damien Rice 

Just Like Starting Over  by John Lennon 

Please, Say Something by The Fontaines  

Seaside by The Kooks 

My Reaction to the Brits...

Arctic Monkey’s Performance:

Arctic Monkey’s winning best band:

One Direction winning any award:

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Arctic Monkey’s winning Best Album:

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